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A Panicky Little Dog

Sure, Scout can be a little panicky. But in this case, he’s got good reason. And he’s actually pretty good under pressure, coming up with a plan to get Bigfoot somewhere safe and allow the big guy to keep his cherished souvenirs — as long as they can pack that bag in record time.

Sasquatch And Dogs

2022_bigfootanddogsSierra’s right, of course. Bigfoot has a dog. But Dan’s correct too. Bigfoot investigators have long held that dogs are not the Sasquatch’s best friend. Reports of dogs cowering in fear or running from the sight of a Bigfoot have been around for years, as have tales of dogs injured or even killed by the forest-dwelling giants. And while these stories are disheartening, they do suggest that Bigfoot and Scout’s friendship is truly special. But you already knew that, didn’t you? (Note: I cannot find the copyright on that scary Bigfoot painting. If anyone knows who did it, let me know so I can properly credit the artist.)

Furster! Furster!

I know, Scout. I’m working as fast as I can, trying to stay ahead of the weekly deadline. But it’s tough. The cast of this book is bigger than the first one. Who knew that’d take longer? Everyone but me, I guess.BigfootThe good news is we’re coming close to the end of the first arc of the story — season one, as some folks put it — at which point I’ll take a little break, regroup, and work on building up a little buffer for season two. But I’ll be adding even more characters in the next arc so it feels like I really haven’t learned anything at all about time management.

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