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This is our first close-up look at some of the cast and crew of Spottin’ Sasquatch, that hit reality show about a small crew of cryptid-seeking outdoorsy-types looking for evidence of bigfoot. It’s a gradual reveal, so this week we’ll just focus on Sierra; clever, capable, self-confident, and not usually a member of this crew. Next week, a closer look at Sierra’s father, the creator/host of Spottin’ Sasquatch.

NYCC Is This Week!


These are the dates and times you’ll be able to spot me at New York Comic Con: Saturday, 10/6 from 1 – 4 and Sunday, 10/7 from 10 – 1:30. That leaves me plenty of time to attend a bunch of panels I’m looking forward to, and spend all of my money in Artists Alley. Hope to see some of you in the Big Apple. Bigfoot’s got his badge and he’s hoping to go. I, on the other hand, do not relish the thought of lugging a 15-pound puppet through Manhattan. So, we’ll see.


The Flatwoods Monster


Go ahead. Click on that image of the monster above. Back in the 1950s, a handful of kids saw something strange emerge from the mist in the woods of West Virginia, and a sketch artist put it down on paper. The encounter (read about it here) led to an Air Force UFO inquiry (part of Project Blue Book) and, eventually, a monster museum/tourist attraction that still thrives half-a-century later.

There are similarities to the Mothman legend (as with Mothman, many people feel the dark shape was simply a large owl), but this story has a sci-fi-50s vibe that’s captured perfectly in the Small Town Monsters documentary, The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear. I just watched in on Amazon Prime (for free) but you can also get it from the good folks at Small Town Monsters. They’ve done a series of local monster docs, and seem determined to cover every local legend they can dig up. Check ’em out.


Okay, I gotta pack. I won’t have a lot of time to work on the next page, but I’m hoping to have it up next week. So check back, and thanks for reading. -v