Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters (Page 025)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters page 2025

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Secrets Exposed

Well, there you go. Spottin’ Sasquatch have the cave paintings on camera. And though they could probably be interpreted a few different ways — ah, who am I kidding? That’s clearly a bigfoot painted on the wall. A lot of folks are going to be interested in this discovery. Booth might be right. There might be an Emmy in it for him after all.

Process: Color Only

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters page 2025

Just the colors, folks. No inks. Frightening, right? My face shapes lean toward monstrous when I don’t have the line work in there to hold things together.

Bigfoot Sighting In West Virginia

2025_trailcambigfootAfter last week’s post (that included two links to recent Bigfoot sightings), a couple readers sent me a link to another recent sighting in West Virginia. This image was caught on a trail-cam in 2019 and, if your read some of the comments in the article, you’ll see a few people think it’s just a guy in a suit. What do you think? One odd coincidence: this creature was spotted in the same county as the famous Flatwoods Monster. Birds of a feather?

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