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When you’re a vegetarian like Bigfoot, the entire forest is your buffet table.

Hey everybody! Hope 2017’s treating you okay. Din-Din, the one-page short above, is something I put together for PIX, Pittsburgh’s Indie Comics Expo, which takes place on Sunday, April 9th, at the August Wilson Center downtown. I’ll be there with some of my cartoonist pals at the National Cartoonist Society Table. If you happen to be in Pittsburgh this Sunday, please stop in and say hi. The admission’s free (and so is street parking that day)!


The comic itself appears in the PIX program (as you can see above) and, technically, will be the only other Untold Tales of Bigfoot comic in print besides the graphic novel (that some of you helped me Kickstart, thank you again). And Din-Din is printed on good old-fashioned newsprint, so it’ll look, feel, and even smell like one of those retro kids comics that were part of my inspiration for UTOB. But that’s not all I’ll have at PIX…


Of course, I’ll be bringing a few copies of Untold Tales of Bigfoot in case anybody wants a copy. And, because I constantly have monsters on the brain, I’ll also be premiering my 40-page, b/w Halloween story, Wish On A Halloween Moon. It started as an art project and ended up as a storybook that you can color. So, art book, storybook, coloring book. You can read more about it here. But I should point out one small detail for fans of Untold Tales of Bigfoot: In one 2-page spread, where a few cryptids come thundering down a hillside, you may spot a very familiar-looking, four-fingered friend.


He also shows up as one of three signed, color prints I’ll have on hand. Did I mention I’m a fan of monsters?


But, of course, aside from all of that, I am still working on the “Me & Bigfoot” caricatures. There’s a lot of them! But whenever I get a chance, I knock another one off the list. And if this rapid-fire gif below works properly, you’ll see a few of the ‘night’ images I’ve worked on recently.


So I think that catches you up on some of the stuff I’m doing lately. Hope you’re all having a great Spring so far. And remember, if you’re in Pittsburgh this Sunday, stop by PIX to say hi. I’m always happy to meet friends of Bigfoot. -v

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