Heading For A Fall (Part 9)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

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So much for the ill-gotten booty. Looks like it’s time for Bigfoot to clean house. Tune in next week to see if these bandits survive the encounter in one piece.

After last week’s dark, inky drama, I wanted this week’s page to have a lot of fall colors (since this short has an autumnal theme). I like the way it turned out. I always wondered whether Bigfoot and Scout would get lost, visually, in all the browns and reds of an autumn backdrop. But it works out okay. Makes me want to try a winter-themed short.


I took a ridiculous amount to time to “craft” Scout’s hot dog joke in the last panel. Agonized for half an hour over which was funnier — Wiener? or Weenie? You’d have thought I was writing the final line to Casablanca.

And since we’re talking process, here’s an early stage of this page. Last week I posted page 8, colors without lines. Here’s page 9, lines without colors.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

Hope everyone else’s autumn is as action-packed as Bigfoot and Scout’s! See you next week! -v