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Bigfoot Live Here Forever

Nobody likes getting kicked out of their home. Bigfoot’s no different. But Scout’s trying his best to make sure his buddy stays safe…and secret. So hotfooting it out the back door seems like the best plan at the moment. Time will tell, though.

Bigfoot Sightings In 2019

2024_distantbigfootThe year just started but we already have people spotting Bigfoot. This first video shows, essentially, a distant, brownish, possibly hairy, humanoid shape hanging out on a mountain near Provo. Is it Bigfoot? Why not? Sounds like something Bigfoot would do!

And in another video, (I’ve cued it up to the right spot) some viewers of this YouTube channel sent in a couple potential evidence photos. One of them is this footprint.2024_bigfootprintLook familiar to you? It should. Because, back in December of last year, Booth and the rest of the Spottin’ Sasquatch crew stumbled across a very similar footprint! Take a look and compare!2024_bigfootprintcomparisonCoincidence? Possibly. Or maybe everything I draw eventually becomes reality. I’ll keep you posted.

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