Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters (Page 019)

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I have it on good authority that it is, in fact, a bigfoot cave. So maybe Booth should pay better attention to his daughter. And, yeah, maybe Scout oughta quit yappin’ every once in a while to let Bigfoot get a word in.

Meanwhile, On Mount Crumpet…


Last week I posted a sketch of The Krampus. This week’s holiday monster is The Grinch. This is ‘post redemption’ Grinch, relaxing with Max in the way other friendly monsters might relax with their dog in their cave.

I hope everyone’s having a great month. I know the holidays are flying at us fast and furious, so try to enjoy them as best as you can. Just don’t forget to chill and recharge every once in a while like ol’ Grinch up there. -v