Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters (Page 012)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters page 2012

<<<First | <<First Ghosts and Monsters | <Previous | Next>

You’re reading a new page this morning because I didn’t win that billion dollar lottery last night. Did you? No? That’s cool. We’ve all got other things to worry about anyway. Like this nosy reality show crew. That’s right, Bigfoot. Go tell Scout.

For Process Geeks

2012_PanelProcessI posted a similar process gif to Twitter a couple weeks ago (yeah, Twitter followers sometimes get a peek at art weeks in advance) but this is a more complete version that takes you from digital pencils all the way to finished color.

Thanks for reading. -v




7 Responses

  1. RUN, BIGFOOT!! First panel is a masterful job of dramatic pacing. The characters are poised perfectly, so we can assess them again before they take the next big step—crossing over! And hey, I got a cool Halloween postcard from my son, who went shopping on your site.

    • I think, if Book Two ever makes it into print, this page will be even more enjoyable. The web format cuts off some of the side borders where the dizzying height of that gap is drawn as the page’s background. But I’m glad you like it as is, too!

      And a-haaa! I wondered if he’d send you one of those postcards! Yeah, he was a great customer…even told me of a conversation he had with someone where UToB was casually compared to Dickens’ Pickwick Papers. I’m gonna have to use that in my promotional materials. : )

  2. I’m really excited, this guy knows about the ancestors depicted in the cave! Pitch perfect dialogue, as usual.

  3. Nice visual angles and perspectives!

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