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This week we get a little more background on our host, Booth. He may not be a true believer, but he does like to put on a good show. That’s not so bad, is it? We’ll keep peeling the onion with these characters, finding out more about Booth, and his ever-ready camera-person, Layla, as the weeks progress. Next week, I’ll introduce you to the new ‘bigfoot hunter’ for this season of Spottin’ Sasquatch. I hear he’s a little intense.

Spottin’ Monsters at New York Comic Con

Dorse_NYCC2018I met some very nice people at NYCC, talked cryptids, comics, and cartooning, and spent way too much money on graphic novels in Artists Alley. But, being the intrepid monster hunter I am, I also gathered some evidence of odd, otherworldly creatures roaming the crowded halls of the Javits Convention Center. Here are my findings:


Dorse_NYCC2018Well, of course, Bigfoot was there. He was a hit with kids and grown-ups and, frankly, if I could send him to the cons instead of me, I’d probably pull in a lot more revenue.

Giant-Size Man Thing

Dorse_NYCC2018The Man-Thing lurched into the National Cartoonists Society booth. He got along with everyone at the NCS booth, so I can only assume none of us are evil—with the possible exception of Ed Steckley. Dorse_NYCC2018

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Dorse_NYCC2018I spotted these Killer Klowns from Outer Space chilling by the video games.

Freddy Krueger

Dorse_NYCC2018Pretty sure Freddy Krueger was invading the dreams of this poor sleeping child.

Jordy Verrill

Dorse_NYCC2018Jordy Verrill (Stephen King’s character from Creepshow) was there and, sadly, the meteor goo had already begun it’s deadly progression. In a few more hours, he’ll be as green as the ol’ Man-Thing up there.

The Kingpin

Dorse_NYCC2018Not technically a monster, but certainly guilty of some monstrous behavior, the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk, was frightening on a whole other level. This guy stepped right off the page of a comic book and never broke character.

The Night Stalker

Dorse_NYCC2018But hey! Don’t worry! There were monster hunters there at the con too! For example, International News Service’s crack reporter, Carl Kolchak was on the scene, looking for a scoop.

The Sorcerer Supreme

Dorse_NYCC2018And if things got too out of hand, Doctor Strange and his sentient Cloak of Levitation had it covered. If you haven’t seen footage of this amazing two-person costume, the cloak would sometimes attach itself to the sorcerer’s shoulders. A masterful illusion.


Sleepy Hollow

On the one day I couldn’t make it into the con, my friend and I drove up to Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Dorse_NYCC2018As night fell, we journeyed by lantern light to the grave of Washington Irving in the Sleepy Hollow cemetery. When we heard the sound of hooves approaching, we got the heck out of there.

Ok, that’s it. Because of all this traveling, I am really behind on the next page. So I’d better get to work. See you next week! -v




9 Responses

  1. INVU! This shows the Xtreme fun you were having while the rest of us were sitting around, waiting for the next installment.

    • Well….what the photos don’t show is how often I was landlocked, immobile in a humid auditorium by moist shoulder-to-moist shoulder crowds. You can thank your lucky stars you got to avoid that part. But yeah, it was fun. -v

      • The Man-Thing made me think you should get inside a BF suit next time to ramp up sales, but yeah, the moist.

      • Yeah, that was cartoonist Ray Alma in the Man-Thing suit and he said it was blazing hot walking around like that. But I back your Bigfoot costume plan. I just have to A) drum up the cash for a suit and B) find a sucker willing to sweat off 20 pounds in an afternoon of wearing it. -v

  2. Oh yeah, the episode is cool, as well! Love the characters and where it’s heading…

  3. I’m getting a bad feeling about this new character…

    Hey! Glad you had a good time at NYCC!

    • I’ll tell you, RG, the cons are fun but exhaaaausting. There were, though, a lot of genuinely nice people there so that made up for the long hours (as did the gallons of coffee I drank). -v

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