Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters (Page 004)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters page 2004

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Nothing to see here. Just a Bigfoot playing with his dog. I’m easing into this. Gotta lot to cover. Don’t wanna start any fires too soon.

Sea Monster Washes Up In Russia


What’s this thing? It washed up on the shore of the Kamchatka Peninsula (in the Bering Sea). Covered in “tubular fur” and is too heavy to be moved. Some think it’s part of another animal. Some think it’s seaweed. What do you think? You can read about it here.

Body of Sasquatch Found In PA?

My friend Jim, a bigfoot enthusiast, sent me this notice. No, it’s not our Bigfoot, of course. But it is a bigfoot here in PA not very far from where I’m sitting right now. There’s a photo (a bit grisly) and some “official statements” from a policeman, but I’m just not sure if I buy it. I do know it’s close enough for me to hitch a ride with Jim and go investigate. But I have a feeling the local law would not roll out the welcome mat for two nosy cartoonists asking about sasquatch corpses. So you’ll just have to read about it here.

Mapping Things Out

So, there’s a plan for the “Ghosts and Monsters” story, and an outline with some wiggle room. But getting all the words and pictures onto the pages takes time. I mention this because, while I have a very small buffer of completed pages, I was unable to add to that buffer for the last two weeks (because of other, paid projects). This is just a gentle warning in case I need to take a week or nine to cover myself and catch up once in a while. I’m actually thinking about splitting the story into “seasons” to see if that helps. Who knows? But I just wanted to give you loyal readers a heads up just in case. Thanks again for stopping by. See you next w— lemme check my buffer — yeah, we’re covered. See you next week. -v




4 Responses

  1. Loving this look into casual, everyday life for Bigfoot and Scout when they’re not fighting crime.

  2. Good way to start the story, nice and calm. Leaves lots of room for contrast in the plot later.

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