The Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Fall Special!

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Fall Special

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Hey folks, no comic this week because the Untold Tales of Bigfoot Fall Special books are in — and they look great! I’ll have them with me at New York Comic Con this October when I sit in with the National Cartoonists Society. I also put a few copies in my shop, but if you can get it from me in person somewhere you can avoid shipping/storenvy fees and save yourself some dough.

What’s Inside

  • 35 pages of fall-inspired art and story from the Untold Tales of Bigfoot webcomic,  including Devil In The Details and the Reuben-Nominated Heading For A Fall!
  • Two pages of story not published online (I added a couple pages to give Scout a little more room to babble and complain.)
  • Devil In The Details (published online in black and white) is now printed in full color!

How Much Is it?

The book is 35 full-color pages with a cover price of six bucks. That’s, like, a fancy cup of coffee.  Some parents at comic conventions tell me that (inconceivably) their kids don’t read comics on the internet (?!?) so the printed version of the UToB graphic novel was a welcome option for them. Hopefully, the Fall Special comic book will bridge that gap too.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Fall Special

If you follow this webcomic, you’ve seen a good deal of this book already in one form or another. But a completely unscientific survey of my friends suggests that it’s a more pleasant reading experience flipping through these pages on paper instead of clicking through online.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Fall Special

Shout Out To The Printer

For a small print run like this, I needed to find a domestic printer who specialized in comic books, had affordable prices, and could deliver a quality product with a quick turnaround. I tried Comix Wellspring at a friend’s recommendation and they did a fantastic job! The colors look great, the paper is nice and heavy with no apparent bleedthrough, and the cover stock is robust and durable. Comix Wellspring put out a quality product and I’d recommend their services to anyone looking to have their own comics printed.


Hey, just for fun, here are the pencils and inks from page 4 of Devil In The Details.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Devil In The Details

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Devil In The Details





4 Responses

  1. Ok Vince,
    Ordered my copy. I am ready for Fall also, too darn hot and humid.
    Dave G.

    • Dave, I’m literally packing up your copy right now. Thanks for picking one up. It should go out tomorrow. And yeah, it’s a little humid. Can’t wait for that crisp, autumn air to blow in. -v

  2. Man, that lighting is amazing when the Jersey Devil is revealed. Awesome job, mister!

    • Thanks, Autumn! I was going for dramatic. Because I assume there’d be drama in a situation like that. One time I was out in the woods at night, creeping around with friends looking for monsters, and we got scared half to death by some other dopes out monster hunting. Drama! That’s where it’s at. -v

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