Devil In The Details (Part 15)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Devil In The Details

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Okay, anybody from last week who thought Bigfoot was gonna shock the Jersey Devil with the cattle prod is officially off the hook because Scout thought the same thing this week. But this is a good lesson for Scout to have a little more faith in his pacifist buddy. So now what? Do we have another monster in the neighborhood? Is the Devil just looking for another sandwich? We’ll see next week.


Usually, I like to post cryptid sightings in this space, but I didn’t run across any this week  that would knock your socks off. So, instead, I’ll just post the process steps for one of the panels on this page. Pencils, inks, tones, and even a little color.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot_DevilInTheDetails

And just for fun, here are the uncolored inks from the first page of this short. This was a fun page to draw, ink, and color.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot_DevilInTheDetails

This arc’s coming to a close soon. It’s a blast doing these shorts. It gives me an opportunity to experiment with different kinds of inking and color. See you next week. -v




6 Responses

  1. SPINOFF!!! Relieved to see that nobody here lost an eye this morning while I was out languishing over breakfast. Although I’m wishing BF had saved that taser for future episodes.

    • I know. Those horns, right? Gotta get some rubber caps on those things. And I just think keeping that cattle prod thing around would’ve been just asking for trouble. : ) -v

  2. Yeah, it does seem like we could be seeing more of Jersey in the future. But for now, all’s well that ends well. Nice story, Vince!

    • Thanks, RG. Now, this story still has a couple pages left, so don’t bail on me. And after that I might have something fun too. Stay tuned. And thanks for reading (and commenting). -v

  3. Hello Vince,
    Really enjoying these short tales. I am hoping you will continue these stories and do more experimenting with techniques you want to try. Eventually you could collect them all in a book, after all it is Untold TALES of Big Foot. Still want your book 2 though too. 🙂

    • Must be something in the air. You’re the second person today to ask about Book 2. I do enjoy these shorter arcs. Doesn’t feel like there’s as much pressure. And as for collecting the shorts in a book….not a bad idea, Dave. Not a bad idea at all. You never know what I’m cooking up here in the cave. Thanks for stopping by. -v

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