Devil In The Details (Part 14)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Devil In The Details

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Surely — SURELY — none of you thought Bigfoot was reaching for that cattle prod, right? No. Bigfoot’s a lover, not a fighter. So yeah, the monster brawl was fun, but we all know Bigfoot would rather solve problems with his brain than his fists. And, as someone who spent years in New Jersey, I can tell you Scout’s right: Never underestimate the importance of top quality deli meats. Speaking of New Jersey…

Bigfoot in Jersey


There’s an item in the New York Post about a recent Bigfoot sighting (May, 2018) in the Garden State. Yeah, the photo in the article is just some random image the Post used for comedic purposes, but the report rings true to me, and here’s why; During one late evening drive through a wooded area of New Jersey, a friend and I took a wrong turn down an unlit dirt road. Preparing to back up down the rough path we looked out the back window to make sure we could navigate between the chest-high weeds on the right and the woods on the left — but there was something in the road! My friend and I, to this day, will swear under oath that something big, dark, and dangerous-looking emerged from the high grass and slinked across the road about 20 feet behind us and into the woods. I will admit, it was more giant-cat-like than upright-ape-like, but as I recall, we locked the doors before we got the heck out of there. It was chilling. So this lady in the Post article? I believe her. You can decide for yourself.

On The Trail Of The Corned Beef Sandwich

I know a page-a-week makes continuity hard to follow. Things that are technically just a page flip away end up being a month apart in this weekly, online format (which is why, really, these stories should be printed in a handy-dandy book form). So, as a service to readers, here is the Zapruder film breakdown of the corned beef sandwich.


Its first appearance (and mention) is on page 9. Which, in the real world here, is five weeks ago! I don’t doubt it slipped some people’s minds. And then, after Bigfoot lets the Devil out of its cage on page 11, the corned beef shows up again. The solution is always right there, waiting for someone to pick it up and stuff it in the monster’s mouth.

But will the demon be satiated by a corned beef sammy? Find out next week! -v




7 Responses

  1. Hmmm…mentally backtracking here, wondering where that sandwich came from. But why ruminate over details (when I should be working on my own project here), since now they can be FRIENDS—YAAAYYYY!!!!

    • No need to mentally backtrack, Anni. Because of your completely reasonable sandwich concerns, I added a brief, illustrated breakdown of the path that corned beef sandwich took from the driver’s cooler to the devil’s kisser. Thanks! Now get to work on your project!! -v

      • I remembered that scene, came to me later as I was slaving over my current deadline, had to belong to one of the evil captors, brought in their truck.

  2. So, yeah, I was thinking Bigfoot was going for the stick.. shame on me. But in my defense, I didn’t see the corned beef sandwich, which is what I would have automatically gone for, and not necessarily to feed to the J.D. 🙂
    On a side note, the phrase “get the stick, get the stick” conjures up memories of some strange David Lynch animated shorts called Dumbland. Definitely not safe for work, if you’re in the mood for something very weird..
    Long live Big Foot.
    and Scout.

    • No shame. If there were a monster attacking me, I’d have gone for the stick myself. And yeah, “get the stick, get the stick” is definitely based on Scout’s experience with the game of fetch. But I DID watch that Dumbland stuff you mentioned and yeah, ‘weird’ is a good description. : ) Thanks for following the story! -v

  3. A good apple is non negotiable.

    Hey Vince! It sounds like y’all had a sighting of the Wampus Cat! It’s basically supposed to be a 500 pound black panther with a supernatural history. Many of our hunters here in SC claim to have seen it.

    • OH man, that cat-thing was terrifying in the moment. And it still hasn’t achieved “now I can laugh about it” status because every time I think about it, I get chills.

      …and on a side-note, I think you pegged the importance of the corned beef sandwich weeks ago, so props to you! -v

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