Devil In The Details (Part 11)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Devil In The Details

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Stripped down, simple page this week because you need a big, bold panel to feature the jersey devil creeping out of his cage. So what now? Hugs? Or fisticuffs? I vote for hugs, but I rarely get my way with these guys.

Someone’s Stepping On Bigfoot’s Toes


Would you look at this? Have you seen this? I just found out about this myself. One of the first images released from LAIKA’s big-budget animated film, The Missing Link, is that of a gentle, shoulderless, caramel-colored Bigfoot with a big reddish nose sheepishly peeking out from behind a tree.

Where have I seen this before? And when? Oh yeah! It was right here. Six years ago.

Untold Tales of BigfootNow, if you think this is just a passing similarity (as I was hoping), then take a gander at some of the official plot from the upcoming film: Sir Lionel Frost, a disgraced cryptozoologist, ventures into the heart of the Pacific Northwest to seek redemption by finally capturing the elusive Bigfoot, aka humanity’s missing link. Not the foul creature to be feared, the endangered beast reveals himself to be a sorrowful loner pining for companionship.

UTOB_page09panels_dorse.jpgI think anyone that reads Untold Tales of Bigfoot might agree that portraying Bigfoot as a lonely, endangered beast pining for companionship is certainly an engaging story element. It’s worked for me for the last six years or so, so I assume LAIKA will probably do well with it. But it kinda’ feels like I should get a free ticket to this thing, know what I mean?.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot

Anyway, I’m not a dope. I know plenty of people can write (and have written) bigfoot stories. To paraphrase Fitzgerald: There are all kinds of bigfoots in this world, but never the same bigfoot twice. But from the little I’ve seen, In this particular case, it seems like LAIKA might be treading pretty heavily on a path I’m already walking, even if unintentionally.

But, turning a negative into a positive, I’m leaning into this and trying to make the best of it. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and the second book I’ve been plotting for the last couple years (between paying jobs) will still happen — although, I have read more of the Missing Link plot and some of it touches on plans I have for book two. Anyway, it’d be a big help if you folks kept spreading the word on the comic and graphic novel just as you have been. I just wanted to give you all the heads up so I’m not flooded with DM’s from readers saying, “DID YOU SEE THIS?!?”

Positive spin? Maybe this will generate interest in things like my comic and graphic novel and all things Bigfoot. A rising tide lifts all boats, right? Maybe this film will only swipe a very small portion of the UToB vibe and turn out to be a really enjoyable film. But who knows? LAIKA does great work. Superman and Shazam got over their issues. Of course, if the ‘companion’ this missing link seeks turns out to be a lovable dog? I sincerely hope one of my fans is a high-powered entertainment attorney.

Also, another upside? — I feel like our Bigfoot is way more adorable than some other Bigfoots I could mention.


Okay, see you next week. Unless LAIKA buys my silence. -v




9 Responses

  1. WOW. Disheartening! Hoping your wide exposure through the Reubens will have a lot of sympathetic fans crying theft. As for today’s development—YAY! Now they can be friends!

    • I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But yes, this was certainly disheartening to find out. We’ll see how it plays out. As I said, I’ve really only seen one image, admittedly reminiscent of stuff I’ve done here, and a very brief plot description that happens to echo the core theme of this comic. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, but yes, the support means a lot. Thanks. -v

      • No mention of a dog: ““Missing Link” is a buddy comedy/adventure about explorer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) and a Yeti named Mr. Link (Zach Galifianakis), who embark on a global quest from the Pacific Northwest in search of the legendary Shangri-La, home of Link’s ancestry. They team up with adventurer Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana), who possesses the only known map to their secret destination.”

      • Yeah, I’ve seen some of that description as well, Anni. And parts of it are definitely part of what I’m planning for Book 2. It does give me pause. I’m still swinging back and forth between “why bother” and “do it anyway.” -v

      • You might benefit from Bigfoot going high profile in this film, your story is in a different form, well established, and has its own appeal. Might be an advantage to hitch your wagon to their star, in a way?

      • I’m definitely going to make the best of the situation. Oftentimes there are two movies released in the same year that are based on the same theme (Armageddon/Deep Impact, Antz/A Bug’s Life, Turner & Hooch/K9) and somehow they manage to co-exist. So I’m just planning to do my best with my story and not let anything knock me off my path. -v

    • Their BF is not appealing to me, he’s so plastic, and that big plug for a nose is way distracting, I want to grab it and twist.

  2. Yep! Your Bigfoot is the best, Vince! The problem with plagiarism (as I understand it) is that work can be protected by copyright, but not ideas. The leaves a big loophole for the ones who plagiarize, but it has been defeated by a powerful enough legal team (Disney in the past, for instance). This is just my observation and I am by no means a lawyer. On the other hand, if my work was plagiarized, I’d take it as a huge compliment! 😉

    • Well, thanks for the compliment. I’m not using the “P” word. But it really is a gut punch to see the stuff you’ve been working on for a number of years show up in someone else’s project. Just cuts a little close, you know? -v

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