Devil In The Details (Part 9)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Devil In The Details

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Okay, that’s one bird in the nest. And if that other goon can still walk upright after Scout’s shocking smackdown, then this ordeal oughta’ wrap up soon, no muss, no fuss. Unless something goes wrong. But that rarely happens, right?

Bigfoot Sighting?


I posted about this on the Untold Tales of Bigfoot Facebook Page last week. I’ve been working on my very first Bigfoot puppet! I might bring him to conventions and shows — for promotional purposes and (probably) to scare little children. Though, he really is very cute and friendly-looking up close.


I made the puppet because I thought it’d be fun. Fun to make, fun to have. Fun to chase my cat with. This comic started out as a fun experiment, so the puppet didn’t seem like that outlandish an idea. (ten points for using “outlandish” in a modern sentence)


One of the biggest lessons I learned while putting Puppet Bigfoot together is that making puppets is hard. but I think he came out about as good as I could’ve hoped for my first time. I did the design work, the foam cutting, the pattern making, and all the gluing (gosh, there was a lotta’ glue) and my friend Daryl handled the stitching and stuffing.


That fleshy, “alien autopsy” stage (above) was the first time during the process that I was reasonably sure this experiment might just work. I’m still figuring out how to stitch in his belly-button, but once I solve that, he’ll be complete.


Fun Fact: I wanted to start with a Scout puppet, but I couldn’t figure out how to make his giant snoot. So, instead, we have a giant Bigfoot puppet. I may be sitting in with the NCS at NYCC this year, and if I can lug this beast from my hotel to the the train station and then to Javitz, then you can come say hi to both of us.


Okay, see you next week with more story. -v




6 Responses

  1. Jeez, I step out for a dental appointment and THIS happens. I sense further havoc will ensue.
    Spectacular puppet, please post the video to Facebook for us non-Twitterers.

    • Hope the dental appointment went okay! Yeah, I’m gonna try to post the video where I can, Anni. It’s a real short video, though. So don’t pop any corn. -v

  2. Something tells me Scout and Big are sharing some corned beef sammijes when this is all over!

    Great looking puppet! Inspired by Mr. Henson’s work I assume! 😉

    • Now that you mention it, I feel like a corned beef sandwich would go down pretty easy right now. : )

      Glad you like the puppet. And yes, I think I’ve mentioned it before, Henson is one of the people I claim as an influence on a lot of stuff….even the drawing. -v

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