Devil In The Details (Part 2)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Devil In The Details

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Bigfoot called it, Scout. These guys seemed slippery from the minute they showed up. And now that we know they’re on the lookout for bigfoots, they can’t be trusted. So what’s to do? Ditch? Toss rocks? Guess we’ll find out next week.

Mysterious Beast Sighted


You’ve seen this story? And the accompanying — admittedly creepy — photo? What’s up with that? I certainly hope it’s a mysterious cryptid, and not some poor, sick animal. Hard to tell from the grainy photo. The story mentions that it killed a couple of dogs (don’t worry Scout, he’s in Argentina) and that it “moved like a Kangaroo”, whatever that means. Is it a hoax? Is it a Chupacabra? I kind of hope we never find out. I prefer a little mystery in the world.

And that’s it for this week! See you next week for another page of the story. Thanks for stopping by! -v




4 Responses

  1. Yay for Wednesday mornings! Guess those foiled bank robbers blabbed about him. Can’t wait to see how Bigfoot outsmarts these predatory jerks.

    • Too many people blabbing about seeing mysterious creatures. It’s getting to be you can’t be a mysterious creature anymore without some interloper sticking his nose in your business. -v

  2. The grainy photograph looks to me like a picture of a whippet. These dogs normally look painfully thin. Here’s a picture of one:

    The animal in the grainy photo looks to have a different shaped paw than a whippet. Perhaps the picture is a whippet with its paw caught in a tin can.

    Incidentally, I backed your Kickstarter and loved, loved, loved your book. I’m thrilled that you are continuing the adventures of Scout and Bigfoot.

    • Right! I’ve seen whippets (had to illustrate one for a card game once) and you’re right: They’re tall and lanky, just like the animal in the photo. And you’re right, the paw looks different, could be an injury. Hope not. I’ll stand by my statement: I hope it’s a monster and not a sick dog. Something to consider, though. Interesting…

      Thanks for swinging by to read the new story. And thank you AGAIN for backing my Kickstarter! I’m really happy you loved the book! That’s always nice to hear. And as long as we’re talking about it…

      I’ll mention it here, just so everyone knows: the Goodreads button at the bottom of this post leads you right to my UToB Book Page at Goodreads where you can leave a rating AND write a review, both of which I always appreciate. Thanks for stopping by! -v

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