Heading For A Fall (Part 13)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

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Always tasteful, nothing happens ‘on camera’ in this comic that I’d have to worry about my mom seeing. But, honestly, there are loose ends my brain requires me to tie up and making sure that fire was out was job one. Job two was making sure Bigfoot palmed that harmonica, and I managed that as well. Scout’s not thrilled about it, but who knows? Maybe Bigfoot will prove to be a musical prodigy.

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Did you notice? I added a “First Fall” option in the page navigation links. That way you can go back to the first page of this short story. Previously, there was just a link to the very first page of “Crossing Paths” and you had to click-click-click to get to the start of this short. You’re welcome.

Happy Hannukah to anyone out there celebrating that. I’ll see you next week with what I assume will be the final page of this little ditty. Until then, bundle up! It’s cold outside! -v