Heading For A Fall (Part 12)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

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The big guy’s got a sense of humor. Makes him a good partner to that little wise-apple, Scout. But it’s all done in the spirit of the season, so Scout can’t really complain. I could end it abruptly here (and, frankly, this was originally planned as just a four-pager!) but I think I’ll go a few more pages just to wrap things up nice and tidily. Plus, I kinda’ wanna’ experiment a little more with page layout. I’ve been having fun mixing it up lately, and I want to see where it goes.

Process Gif

Here’s an animated gif that shows my process (in that last panel) from pencils to final colors.


Fan Art From A Friend

Friend, skilled illustrator/cartoonist, and all-around nice person, Carolyn Belefski, sent me this adorable image of Bigfoot and Scout (with a clever nod to Sweet Baby Corn!) and I love it, and it’ll be added to the fan art gallery toot sweet! (yes, I know how to spell it).

fan art for Untold Tales of Bigfoot by Carolyn Belefski

You may know Carolyn from her comic, Curls, but she works on a number of comic and design projects that you can check out at her site. In addition, Carolyn co-hosts a fun podcast with her partner and fellow-creator, Joe Carabeo — also a nice and talented guy. I really lucked out in the friends department, didn’t I? See you next week! -v




2 Responses

  1. It’s fun to milk all the details in the aftermath and to see the variety of perspectives. Looking forward to a few more pages!

    • Exactly, Anni. It’s like that page in the book where Scout’s in the quicksand…I had to write a whole page where he eventually washes off the grime because details drive me nuts. -v

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