Heading For A Fall (Part 10)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

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It was only two pages ago when Bigfoot emerged from the brush and one of the criminals guessed guy in a gorilla suit, but that’s two weeks in webcomic time (in case it’s slipped your mind). That’s one of the drawbacks of the weekly format. You try to write bits that depend on timing, but there’s no way to tell whether folks will read the pages weekly or binge them after the fact. So I pace the story for a printed, all-at-once experience, but try to make each page entertaining enough to stand on its own for a week. And, since I’m babbling about process…


This scary image of Bigfoot spooked me a little when I was drawing it. I guess that’s how real these guys are to me. After I got over the shivers I put together this animated gif to show some of my process steps.


Wanna’ Help A Struggling Creator?

I know some of you have purchased the first Untold Tales of Bigfoot book. Thank you for your support. If you’d like to help support the cause even further, saying a few nice things about the book over at Goodreads.com would go a long way.


Good reviews can translate into more book sales, which translates into a larger family of readers, and makes a second book a genuine possibility. Oh, I’m working on Book 2, regardless. But having a robust, enthusiastic fanbase can be a big boost if I try to publish, or even Kickstart, the book. So, if you’re enjoying this webcomic, and you enjoyed the first book, please consider signing up (free) at Goodreads and leaving a nice review. Bigfoot and Scout would love it.

Week Off

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. And this year I actually have plans. Some of those plans, unfortunately, include working on an assignment with a tight deadline. So, because of work and family stuff, there won’t be a page next week. But I promise to post a page the Wednesday following Thanksgiving. I mean, Bigfoot and Scout aren’t totally out of the woods yet. I hope you all enjoy the upcoming holiday (even if it’s just a regular ol’ Thursday for you)!

Thanks again for reading -v



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