Heading For A Fall (Part 8)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

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Ah, nothing like gathering around the fire on a cool, October evening…the scent of burning cash in the air. With an angry Bigfoot nearby, the smart move is to run. But these two felons haven’t made a smart move yet, so I’ll assume they’re not about to start anytime soon. Scout’s safe, though, so that’s one for our team. We’ll see if things go from bad to worse next week.


Having a lot of fun working on this mini-story. Because it’s not graphic-novel-length I don’t feel so nervous about experimenting more with the form (the black page, the floating word balloons circling the figures) and I really like the results. I know ‘Heading For A Fall’ will end after a little while, but I hope to retain some of the stuff I’ve learned while making it. And for those of you who like weird, unfinished process stuff…here’s the page without the line work.


Weird, right? Hope everybody had a great Halloween!  See you next week! -v



2 Responses

  1. hello Vince!
    It is very satisfying to have Bigfoot back again Wednesdays, even if for a short time. Looking for book 2, soonish?
    Dave G.

    • Hey Dave! Sorry, just getting to this comment A WEEK LATE. Yeah, it’s a blast doing weekly pages with these guys again. I’m currently roughing out pages in book 2, but haven’t decided whether it’ll be a weekly online thing or not. But yes, there’s definitely a story and I think people will like it. Good to know there are folks who are looking forward to it. -v

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