Heading For A Fall (Part 6)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

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Yeah, Scout’s big schnoz got him into a fix again. Looks like our campers are just a couple of half-baked bandits on the lam. They might’ve outrun the coppers, but hiding out in the woods could prove to be their undoing.

Bigfoot Sighting

Apparently some folks thought they saw a bigfoot in North Carolina recently. A group of bigfoot spotters out in the woods, baiting bigfoots with glowsticks. I don’t begrudge people their hobbies, but if you’re a regular reader here, you know where I stand on this: Just leave Bigfoot alone. He’s got stuff to do. Read about the sighting here.

Kickstarter Getting Press A Year Later

Got an alert from Kickstarter that they mentioned my UToB Kickstarter from last year in this article about successful collaborative projects that offered commissions. I still have a handful of those me-and-bigfoot drawings left to do, but we’re in the home stretch. So for those of you who got that as part of your KS reward, thank you for your patience.


Tall Tale Radio Mini-Interview

Last week, at NYCC, I was about to start my shift at the National Cartoonists Society table when I ran into Tom Racine, whose Tall Tale Radio Podcast covers comics, cartooning, and pop culture. Until that day in NY, he and I only knew each other as mutual follows on social media. It was nice to meet Tom in person and a wacky experience to do an on-the-fly, off-the-cuff interview on the floor of the convention center. Click that button below to hear my bit. But do yourself a favor and take a spin through the rest of the Tall Tale Radio podcasts.


I’ve already got a good jump on the inks for the next page, so…see you next week! -v

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4 Responses

  1. WOW, this got really GOOD! And really BAD! Lovin’ my Wednesday mornings.

  2. Loving my split second of flash-through fame in my green hoodie. Congrats on being featured on Kickstarter’s blog, Vince; your Kickstarter really did kick!

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