Heading For A Fall (Part 3)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot : Heading For A Fall

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Hot Dog! Nothing like a little taste of home to start the nostalgia machine a’crankin’. Looks like Scout’s got a plan to secure some red hots for dinner. Has he forgotten, in his carnivorous frenzy, that Bigfoot’s primarily a vegetarian? Ah….there’s probably not too much actual meat in those frankfurters anyway.

Gonna try to get part four up next week, but I gotta lotta prep-work for the con, so it might be late. We here at Untold Tales of Bigfoot Enterprises appreciate your patience.

Baltimore Comic Con


Like I said, Baltimore Comic Con’s just a couple days away. I’ll have all three of my books with me — Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Wish On A Halloween Moon, and (debuting at Baltimore) Phoebe and Beeswax!


I’m also bringing another little freebie for those stopping at table A233. Since we’re edging up on October, I thought a nice Halloween treat would be a simple, kid-friendly coloring and activity handout.


Of course I used the characters from Halloween Moon because, hey, I’m trying to sell books here. But folks that stop by table A233 can pick up these coloring/activity pages and have some monster-themed fun. It’ll give you something to do while you’re waiting in line to get a celebrity autograph!


This page was a lot of fun to do. I thought I’d post a process gif so you could see a couple of the steps I took to put it together. As you can see from the changes, I still write it as I draw it. That method seems to work best for me.


That’s it! For those of you coming to Baltimore, see you at the con! For the rest of you, see you next week (hopefully) with the next page of this story. Thanks! -v

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4 Responses

  1. They look friendly! I’m sure Scout can charm them. Looks like you’re all set for Baltimore, beautifully crafted display and great handouts.

    • Yeah, Scout’s like 60% charm, 40% nose. : )

      It looks like I’m ready for Baltimore, but I have a lot of running around to do today on that last minute stuff. Always have time to answer comments though.

      Most of my book stands were custom made by a friend:


      I figured if Bigfoot sold books, his display stands would be wood. Thanks for stopping by, Anni! -v

  2. Just beautiful Vince! You so deserve a bigger audience.

    • Thanks, Harold! Most folks I know agree with you. Part of the reason I’m doing cons this year is to get my stuff out there to people who haven’t seen it. Not sure if that’ll help much, but I’m giving it a shot. -v

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