Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Medaling Kids (Part 1)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot "Medaling Kids"

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This Medal Thing

You guys might remember that since I was unable to make the ceremony a few weeks ago, the folks at Independent Publisher Book Awards are supposed to send me my bronze medal in the mail. So I made this comic with a “medals” theme thinking I’d post it alongside some photos of the bauble. But every time I check the mailbox — nothing! Nevertheless, I’ll post the comic.

The objects in the time capsule don’t have any secret symbolic importance or meaning. I could’ve used any year, but 1912 (with its Titanic disaster and Kewpie Doll craze) seemed like it’d be rich with history. I didn’t have a specific medal in mind for the time capsule, though there were a few notable medals given out that year (Jim Thorpe’s contested Olympics medals come to mind…though why they’d be in this box is beyond me). I really just needed a crate of stuff for Scout to dig up.

Fan Art

So, just because the medal hasn’t arrived yet doesn’t mean I don’t have other stuff to show off. One of my favorite parts of this site is the fan art gallery, but I haven’t been a very good caretaker lately. There are a few talented people who have taken the time to generously draw me some UToB fan art and I have just recently added it to the gallery. I’ll give you a quick rundown:

Untold Tales of Bigfoot page 001

  1. Brandon J. Carr is a cartoonist/designer who thought Bigfoot would look good in a pair of tights, acting out some Shakespeare. When Brandon sent this to me I was inspired to do a quick response doodle of Scout in a Romeo & Juliet setting.
  2. Jason Bender is a cartoonist/creative who teamed my Bigfoot up with a superhero of his own creation, The Scarf! He literally bought the book from me at a con, went home, read it, loved it, cranked out the sketch and handed it to me the next day!
  3. John Henry Doran is a talented 13-year old who sat next to me on Free Comic Book Day at Phantom of the Attic/Oakland and drew commissions for people all day. And he donated his fee to a cystic fibrosis charity. What a cool kid!
  4. Michael Dambold has his own very entertaining sci-fi webcomic called Space Barista and has done of series of daily drawings where his character, Lupa, has delivered coffee and baked goods to a variety of other comic/cartoon characters throughout the multiverse. I believe Bigfoot is getting a soy latte, on the house.

Thanks to all of these great people for their support and enthusiasm. To see the images in their entirety (and some other great Bigfoot & Scout fan art), just visit the fan art gallery.

Ok, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll get that package in the mail soon and be able to prove I’m not just making up all this medal stuff. -v

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