Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Medaling Kids (Part 2)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot "Medaling Kids"

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Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

No sooner did I post last week’s “medal-themed” gag (bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t yet received the bronze medal from Independent Publisher) than I stroll to the mailbox and find the package waiting. So, I quickly whipped up a “Part 2” for this week.

Good-Natured Ribbing

I didn’t plan on a second page for this gag, but this unexpected wrap-up gave me a chance to bring in the squirrel (a fan favorite) and show the guys lightly needling each other for laughs. That’s how it works with really good friends. You kid around, but you care for and trust each other enough not to hurt one another or be easily offended. I find my cartoonist friends, in particular, have honed this skill to a razor sharp edge. (I type this knowing I’m having lunch with one of them this week where I’m sure we’ll be trading zingers)

Bigfoot Gets The Medal

BigfootWearingMedal_smSo yes, of course I let Bigfoot wear the medal. Looks good on him. And it’s a fairly hefty little bauble, too. I was thrilled to see it came with the blue ribbon for wearing around your neck, but it might be a little heavy for everyday-wear.  IndependentPublisherBronze_UntoldTalesOfBigfootNow I can pretend I know what it feels like to be an Olympic athlete without having to engage in any physical activity. And, upon closer inspection, I also discovered a helpful little engraving on the reverse side.IndependentPublisherBronze_UntoldTalesOfBigfootSo thanks for putting up with that post. And thanks to the folks at Independent Publisher for the recognition. Awards are great, of course, but it’s the genuine feedback and nice reviews I’ve gotten from some of you guys that really mean a lot. Thanks again. -v

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