The Books Are In!

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Here’s a nice Halloween surprise…


The giant palette of boxes in the street can mean only one thing. The Untold Tales of Bigfoot books have arrived. Huzzah!


My cat’s already scribbling out the blueprints for the giant box fortress I’ll be strong-armed into building for her. “And line each box with a blanket!” she tells me with her eyes, “The weather’s getting colder!”


So, the books are here, but there’s still some work to do to get them to my Kickstarter backers — I’ll be signing and doodling in a bunch of these for weeks to come. And I gotta send out the Kickstarter survey to confirm all the backers’ addresses.

For anyone else who wants one, you can order one from my online shop. With luck, I’ll be able to get everybody their stuff before Christmas.

But let’s not rush Christmas. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mark today’s holiday with a little cartoon. Here’s something I pulled out of an old LIFE Magazine from 1956. Have a Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you get lots of treats! -v


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  1. …hope your including a copy of that pic’ of the pallet in the street with each book…it’s a keeper!….

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