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Hey Folks! Quick update for those of you who aren’t getting the Kickstarter updates.

We’re still waiting for the books to arrive (they’re on a long, slow trip from China) but in the meantime, other merchandise is continuing to roll in. The embroidered patches have arrived:utob_patch

And we’ve begun putting together the button sets:


All of the stickers have arrived as well:


Like I said, just waiting on the books. Of course, once the books get here, I’ll still have a ton of signing and sketching to do inside them before I can ship them out. But what else have I got to do?

Something else I’ve got to do

I am taking a quick spin by New York Comic Con to hang out with the folks at the National Cartoonists Society (Booth #2058). If you’re going to be at NYCC, stop by on Friday, October 7th, from 1-4 pm and say hi. I’ll be drawing Bigfoot sketches and offering some of this fun Untold Tales of Bigfoot merchandise.


Nice display, right? That was actually created for me by a friend (and Bigfoot enthusiast) who works with reclaimed wood and all-natural, non-toxic stains. You can find his Etsy shop here.

That’s all for now. Still working on Kickstarter commissions while waiting for the books. I’ll let you know as soon as they arrive. In the meantime, if you didn’t get a chance to jump in on the Kickstarter, I’ve dropped a link in my shop where you can pre-order the book. Thanks for stopping by. -v

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