Status Update: What’s Going On

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Finally! Proof of Bigfoot!

Hey folks! We finished up our successful Kickstarter just a couple months ago, so I thought I’d keep you updated on where we are on the book.

To begin with, the proofs were shipped from China recently.


PrintNinja lets you choose 8 pages to have printed and sent so you can see how the art looks on actual paper, check colors, eye up the registration, etc. By the way, for anyone interested in making comics, the option of having the printed proof sent to you (rather than opting for just an online visual) runs about $250 (with this particular print vendor). So make sure you account for things like that if you’re running a crowdfunding campaign. And yeah, I did. Thank goodness. (Bigfoot & Scout figures by @runredrunfelts)


Bigfoot, Scout, and I took a close-up look at the pages and gave ‘em the thumbs up. Officially, they started printing the books last week. Woo-hoo! Once the books are printed and bound, they’ll be loaded onto a freighter in China where they’ll begin their journey to my studio. So now we play the waiting game.

Additional Rewards

The waiting game, by the way, involves ordering and prepping all the other merchandise from various vendors. As you can see, the postman dropped off a box of buttons at the cave the other day. Sweet Baby Corn! These will be part of the 3-button set.


I’ve also received some of the stickers that go out with some rewards. Here’s Bigfoot showing ‘em off.



And, of course, I’m still rolling through the commissions that backers at the Cave Drawings & Polaroid Picture tiers requested. Happy to see a few requests for Bigfoot or Scout drawings. It’s always just a little more fun drawing your own characters. But, as you can see, I’m having a blast drawing all kinds of stuff for the backers.


So that’s where we are right now. Books are in the production stage, as are the pins, stickers, and commissions. With any luck, things will stay on track and turn out great. I’ll keep you posted, of course. Thanks. -v

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