Home Stretch! A Day & A Half Left in the Kickstarter!

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Hey Folks! We have a little over one day left ’till the end of the Kickstarter campaign! One thing I want to share is one of the edits I made for the print edition. When I set up this panel a couple years ago, I was under the gun with the weekly deadline and I just couldn’t figure out how to fit the baby bear into the composition in time. So I went live with the image on the left and figured I could live without the baby bear. But when I started cleaning up the art for the printed edition, it’s one of the panels that was still nagging at me. So I figured out a way to not only get the baby bear in the background, but to make the mama bear even scarier. A win/win for me. Not so much for that wolf.


Thanks again for all the support and sharing. We never would’ve made it this far without your enthusiastic response. We made our initial goal, and even hit the first stretch goal (which gave all printed-book backers an upgrade to the Deluxe Edition!).

I’d like to make a run at this final stretch goal. $10,000 gets everyone who pledged for a physical copy of the printed book this 3-inch embroidered Friend Of Bigfoot patch. I’ll just toss it into your mailer when I send out your books! Completely free. We just need to hit that second stretch goal.

Here I am fake modeling the fake patch (because it doesn’t exist yet). Who wouldn’t want to proudly display your friendship with the big guy? If we reach $10,000 then everyone who pledges for a physical book will get the patch for free! Here’s the link:


We’re only $453 away from getting the patch and we’ve got just over one day to do it. So please keep sharing as you have been. It’s worked great so far! Thanks. -v

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