Final Week for the Kickstarter!

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We’ve Hit Our Initial Goal! Now Let’s Hit The Stretch!

For those who missed it, The Untold Tales of Bigfoot Kickstarter has hit its initial goal! Huge thanks to everyone for supporting and sharing the campaign.
Now we have roughly a week left to hit the first stretch goal. If we get to $9,000, everyone who bought a physical book gets upgraded to the Deluxe Edition with the more elaborate ‘french fold’ cover that feels more substantial and allows for a little more content, an introduction by award-winning author Matthew Cody (Supers of Nobles Green Trilogy and more), and an afterword by yours truly where I’ll talk about the origins of Untold Tales of Bigfoot.

So keep sharing with your friends, family and followers. That Deluxe Edition is within reach!
And hitting $9,000 doesn’t have to be difficult. For instance, we’ve had 15 backers pledge the “Cave Drawings” Reward Tier for $100 so far. Just nine more backers at that tier and we’ve hit our stretch goal. Or 16 more at the $55 “Naturalist” Tier. Plenty of ways we can do it, we’ll just need to reach out to those people who haven’t joined us and let them know about the project.

Commissions Can Be Great Gifts!

A good thing to remember is that the Naturalist, Cave Drawings, and Polaroid Picture Rewards offer you a chance to get all kinds of custom art. And you don’t have to keep it all for yourself. Some backers have asked about getting their spouse or pet in the “Bigfoot & Me” digital file. Of course! There’s all kinds of ways you can spread the joy around with these upper reward tiers. For instance…


I’d love to get all the book backers that Deluxe Edition. So please, visit the Kickstarter, and keep sharing the project with friends who might enjoy it. And don’t forget to consider increasing your reward if you think it might help you finish up some of your gift shopping. I certainly don’t mind helping out with that! Thanks everyone. -v

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  1. hey Vince!
    You need one or many links to the kick starter in this update!

    • Holy cow, Dave, you’re right! What was I thinking?! I did so many things today it must’ve slipped through the cracks. Thanks for the heads up! I linked it twice now in the body of the post (one near the top, one near the bottom) and just for good measure, here’s one in your reply! Thanks again! -v

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