The Kickstarter is Live and off to a great start!

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Hi folks!

The Untold Tales of Bigfoot Kickstarter is NOW LIVE!



Last night we launched the official Kickstarter to get Untold Tales of Bigfoot in print and this morning we’re over 30% funded! This is amazing news, but we still have a ways to go.


If you haven’t stopped by the Kickstarter Page, please do. There’s lots of great stuff we’re offering. And every new backer brings us one step closer to getting this book in print. Here’s a look at one of the featured reward tiers to help you get excited about this:


The Naturalist. Named after Bigfoot’s favorite human friend. It’s a power-packed reward that PUTS YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK ON THE THANK YOU PAGE and even gives you a digital file of YOU, IN THE WOODS WITH BIGFOOT AND SCOUT! And I haven’t even mentioned THE BOOK, yet, which you also get SIGNED and with an INK SKETCH DONE BY ME INSIDE THE BOOK. Plus a Friend of Bigfoot Sticker, 3-Button set, bookmark, a PDF of the entire book and wallpaper for your phone/device. Whew! What a haul!

But that’s just one tier. If you want less, you can get less. And if you want more, I set up some higher tiers too (with custom art as a reward). I think there’s something there for everyone, even if you’re looking for gift ideas for the Bigfoot fan in your life. So come on over and take a look around. You guys have always been some of Bigfoot & Scout’s biggest fans and I’d love to get a copy of this beautiful book into your hands.-v


Thanks again for the continued support. And please don’t hesitate to tell your friends about the Kickstarter campaign. -v

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5 Responses

  1. argh, was going for ‘scout’ but postage costs prohibitive, and so went for ‘squeaky squirrel’ and no paypal! So sorry, but we have been victims of internet card fraud in the past so am not going to risk that again 😦 Hope you get your funding, will make do with enjoying it online.

    • Sorry about that! I, too, am at the mercy of both Kickstarter’s payment rules (didn’t even consider that Paypal wouldn’t be an option) and the terrible, horrible international shipping rates. They’re oppressive! With any luck, we’ll be funded and, perhaps at a later date, there’ll be a way to get a copy to you. Still, thank you for your support! -v

  2. I’m hoping all of the faithful readers here will go to Kickstarter and check out your amazing display of cool offerings. It’s what we talked about back then, all happening now! (Except for the Scout beanie baby which I will start nagging for after this one ends.)

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