Tonight’s The Night! UTOB Kickstarter Reminder!

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Hi folks!

The Untold Tales of Bigfoot Kickstarter is NOW LIVE!


Tonight is the night we launch the official Kickstarter to get Untold Tales of Bigfoot in print and I hope you can all swing by and help us reach our goal! Here’s a sneak peek of the cover art.


If you read last week’s post, you know we’ll also be offering other fun stuff like bookmarks, buttons, stickers, signed prints and custom artwork. I hope you’ll enjoy some of the things I’ve come up with as rewards. And if you get there early, there are just a few early-bird specials up for grabs that offer just a little bit more at a special price.

Thanks again for the continued support. And please don’t hesitate to tell your friends about the Kickstarter campaign. This book (and the other rewards we’ll be offering) would make great gifts for any comics fan (or bigfoot fan). See you there tonight! -v

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6 Responses

  1. Well your 7pm will be my 1am, so no early bird special grabs for me, sob,but I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂

    • Yeah, I have some friends in Amsterdam who will also be fast asleep when this starts. I’m sorry I couldn’t start it at different times in different countries…that would be a great upgrade for Kickstarter! Anyway, thank you for your constant support! Hopefully, when you (and my Amsterdam friends) wake up in the morning, we’ll have a decent head start on making this happen. See you then! -v

      • I was hovering at 7:00 est and beat everyone in Amsterdam to an Earlybird Special! Great job on this, Vince! So much cool stuff and so well presented. The video is a really special personal touch, you thought of everything!

  2. I just upped my pledge to Naturalist when I saw I can get my name listed on the thank you page + the cool drawing with the characters. Figured I have til December to slim down for the photo :0)

    So this opens up an Earlybird for some lucky person in Amsterdam!

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