Blokko Releases 3D-Printed Untold Tales of Bigfoot Figure Into The Wild!

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot 3D Figure by Vince Dorse & BlokkoI’m thrilled to finally show you the very first, official Untold Tales of Bigfoot 3D Figure by Blokko! I’ve been working for months with Blokko co-founders Rahul Thayyalamkandy and Prad Lal to make this figure happen and he’s finally here! As you can see, they really captured the big guy’s personality.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot 3D Figure by Vince Dorse & BlokkoBlokko is an innovative new company that designs 3D-printed figures based on engaging stories and comics. It’s a site where you can go to read stories, learn about the creators, and buy toys based on those stories. There’s an Untold Tales of Bigfoot Page at Blokko (as some of you have already discovered).

Untold Tales of BIgfoot 3D Figure by Vince Dorse & BlokkoSo let me break down the details on why this Bigfoot figure is so special.

1. This is the very first ever official Untold Tales of Bigfoot figure. Who knows if there will ever be another? But as far as firsts go, this one’s a doozy.
2. Blokko is offering this collectible figure for a limited time only. That’s right, Blokko and I are partnering on this toy for a limited time and after that…it may be gone forever. Foooreeeevvveerrr….
3. Bigfoot is among the first wave of figures debuting this year at Blokko, a cutting-edge company on the rise. When these guys get huge, you’ll be happy you were in at the beginning.
4. Though neither the Blokko guys nor I are gonna retire to Belize on the sales of this figure, a small portion of the modest proceeds will help keep the lights on so I can keep working to get more Bigfoot comics your way.
5. Meticulously sculpted by co-founder, Prad Lal, each Untold Tales of Bigfoot figure is individually 3D-printed, made of a resilient gypsum composite, and stands 12.5cm tall (about 4.9 inches). Perfect for fans of my comic or just Bigfoot enthusiasts in general. I mean, who wouldn’t want this happy guy waving hello to them every morning from their desk?
6. BUY IT NOW! The Bigfoot figure is currently $48USD with $5 shipping to most of the US. But right now you can get a discount! Just enter FORSCOUT as your discount code to get 10% off! PLUS, there’s an option for you to share it on Twitter and Facebook and earn an additional 5% off for each. And that’s not just 5% off the already discounted price. Amazingly, if you use the FORSCOUT discount code and share on both Twitter and Facebook, you’ll be getting a full 20% off! SWEET BABY CORN!

Go here to buy the Untold Tales of Bigfoot figure by Vince Dorse & Blokko!

Untold Tales of Bigfoot 3d Figure by Vince Dorse & Blokko


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Untold Tales of BIgfoot Facebook Page

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19 Responses

  1. That’s fantastic. I would love one. Won’t be as good as a felted one but…..

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  2. That’s a great looking figure, Vince! Big Foot looks as though he literally jumped out of one of the pages. Very cool!

    • Absolutely, Wouter. I’ll be posting a process/how-to post on this eventually, but we’ve been tweaking this for months. When Prad sent the final sculpt to me a few days ago my head nearly exploded. He’s so much like the drawn image of him, I feel like I know him…like there he is, my old pal. -v

  3. Reblogged this on David Macinnis Gill and commented:
    Love this comic and love this figure even more!

  4. Love him. Guessing it’s scaled 1″ = 1′ ?

  5. glad to see your getting your fantastic work – you are my hero! mom

  6. Really cool – nothing like bringing 2D into the 3D world. Congratulations and hope it works well for you

    • Thanks, Marti. I hope so too. It’s a beautiful figure and really reflects Bigfoot’s personality in the comics. Plus, I’m assuming, as a collector’s item, this thing will be rarer than gold someday. : )

  7. You are a genius!

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