Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 017

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Maybe you’re thinking ooh, that’s some lush scenery! Vince must’ve had some extra time on his hands this week. Or maybe hey, those detailed backgrounds really help this story come alive, Vince. But I’ll be honest. The entire reason Bigfoot and Scout walk by this enchanting waterfall is because my brain wouldn’t let the story continue without rinsing that quicksand residue off Scout. I know. It’s nuts. But you have no idea how clean I felt after panel 4.

And it also gave me a whole page to further flesh out the communication gap between these two and underscore the fact that their respective motivations remain unchanged: Bigfoot wants a friend, Scout wants to go home.

Thanks to everyone who’s left such nice comments these past few weeks. It’s great to know how much you’re enjoying the story and the art and the characters. Don’t forget, you’re also entered to win the sketch card giveaway just for commenting, so it may pay off! See you again next week.-v

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