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Maybe you’re thinking ooh, that’s some lush scenery! Vince must’ve had some extra time on his hands this week. Or maybe hey, those detailed backgrounds really help this story come alive, Vince. But I’ll be honest. The entire reason Bigfoot and Scout walk by this enchanting waterfall is because my brain wouldn’t let the story continue without rinsing that quicksand residue off Scout. I know. It’s nuts. But you have no idea how clean I felt after panel 4.

And it also gave me a whole page to further flesh out the communication gap between these two and underscore the fact that their respective motivations remain unchanged: Bigfoot wants a friend, Scout wants to go home.

Thanks to everyone who’s left such nice comments these past few weeks. It’s great to know how much you’re enjoying the story and the art and the characters. Don’t forget, you’re also entered to win the sketch card giveaway just for commenting, so it may pay off! See you again next week.-v

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear what you think of the comic. Just remember, Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. So let’s keep the comments appropriate.

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  1. Vince you are a true artist and storyteller and really have outdone yourself today. I love how you said your brain wouldn’t let you move one until Scout was rinsed. I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds week after week.

    • First, wow, thanks, David. That’s a generous compliment. Happy you got a kick out of today’s page.
      Second, yeah, I tried to write the page without Scout’s bath, but I just couldn’t move forward without rinsing that muck off of him. I’m sure Scout’s happier now too.-v

  2. Totally understandable. I was feeling the urge to wash Scout off as well. The waterfall is especially pleasing to my eye.

    • Exactly! I knew there were other people out there like me! If I didn’t have that cleansing waterfall, I’m sure thirty pages from now I’d be thinking, “really wish he’d have washed off that quicksand.” Thanks for commenting! -v

  3. Beautiful art Vince!

    • Thank you, Dave. Seems like people are digging the waterfall. I’ll have to consider writing it into the script again (when I have the time to draw it again). -v

  4. It looks like Scout has a new name. I’m guessing that Bigfoot is calling him woof woof? I love the backgrounds in this one. Great art and story! I always look forward to your Wednesday posts.

    • They say you can’t pick your own nickname (at least, that’s what they used to tell my old school chum, “Stinky” Finklestein). But yeah, looks like it’ll be Bigfoot and Woof Woof until someone figures out a way to translate dog into sasquatch.-v

  5. I love the expression on Bigfoot’s face! He really doesn’t seem to care that he can’t understand Scout, he’s just happy to have a buddy.

    • Yeah, he’s thrilled, Jeff. He’s finally got someone to hang out with. Not sure Scout’s quite as thrilled, but for now let’s just focus on the positive.-v

  6. Love this page, Vince – especially the waterfall! I am really intrigued to see what Bigfoot is like!

  7. Bigfoot looks like a model I just drew a few weeks ago. The backgrounds are nicely done.

    • Well…there is a lot to be said about the hirsute, pot-bellied body type. Stays warm in winter, I imagine. And probably very cozy to snuggle with. Next time you draw that model you can ask. Thanks for the nice compliments on my backgrounds!-v

  8. Beautiful waterfall, and “woof woof” is adorable!

    • Thank you very much for the compliment. And yes, “woof woof” is pretty darned adorable. Can’t say Scout enjoys being called “woof woof” as much as we enjoy watching it, but what are you gonna do?-v

  9. loved loved loved the waterfall!

    • Sweet Begonias! If everyone keeps complimenting the waterfall I’m going to have to draw another waterfall. You know how long it took me to draw that waterfall? That waterfall took six years to draw, thank you very much. Thanks for stopping by, Michael!-v

  10. Really great comic – I’m super jealous of your detailed backgrounds, I’ll keep popping back to get some tips – Love it!

    • Glad you’re enjoying the comic. So you want tips on detailed backgrounds, eh? Here’s a tip: If you have a weekly webcomic and you want to stay on schedule, whatever you do, DON’T start drawing detailed backgrounds. I’m in the middle of inking a “deep in the forest” panel right now and I swear I must have drawn ten thousand leaves already. I’m not sure anybody really needs to see that many leaves. My wrist has swelled up to the size of my neck.-v

      • That sounds like a great tip! I’ve made a mental note. As for your wrist…apply a bag of frozen peas – my free tip just for you 🙂

  11. Vince, I think you should draw another waterfall…

    • Yeah, you know, Mr. Wisenheimer…maybe you’re right. Maybe from here on out I should get Bigfoot and Scout into an abandoned raft and just send them careening down a river over waterfall after waterfall and only stop when my hand finally falls off from drawing. Thanks! -v

      • That could be a way to go, although I’m sure you’ve got something waaaay better up your sleeve. I still think that waterfall is worth every dozen hour you put in it!

  12. Honestly, Wouter, I’d love to be able to do more elaborate panels more often. They’re a lot of fun and they look good when they’re finished. The only thing standing in my way is the weekly deadline. But I am noticing a slight increase in my speed since I started this experiment, so maybe I’ll be able to add more in as I go along. And who knows? By the end of the story maybe the last few pages will just be chock-full of mind-numbingly complicated artwork that takes days to look at and understand. But, ah, probably not.-v

    • You are so right. It is always the dilemma but if every frame was drop dead overly detailed illustration, the storytelling would definitely suffer. The time management thing is tricky, I’m struggling with that myself but part of the fun of your experiment should be to see how you can juggle with all these factors and make choices without sacrificing quality. And sometimes less is more. Your waterfall frame would not have been as effective as it is if everything before it had been as elaborate. Personally, I find you’re striking a pretty fine balance so far!

      Don’t want to think about the last pages yet, I’m enjoying this too much!

  13. Wait a second. I just quickly scanned all the comments and I didn’t see anyone mention it, but…is this panel a tip of the hat to the Jessica Lange version of King Kong???

    • Oh man! I haven’t thought of that movie in years! But you’re referring to the waterfall scene in the 1978 King Kong where Kong holds Dwan under the waterfall to rinse the muck off of her. Wow! I can definitely say it wasn’t a conscious thought when I did this page, but who can possibly comprehend the vagaries of the subconscious mind left to its own devices? Thanks for adding some flavor! -v

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