Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 004

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page004

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Admittedly, things are looking bad for Scout and bleak for Bigfoot. Hope all this drama leads to a sweet payoff… if I decide to have a sweet payoff, that is. Who knows? I could very well end the comic on a real downer. That sounds like something a jerk like me would do. Anyway, thanks for coming back every week to check in on Bigfoot and Scout. It’s comforting to know they have friends.

Speaking of drama, that dark, foreboding shadow that falls over Scout could’ve been handled in a few different ways. But when I was laying out this page, I still wasn’t sure whether Untold Tales of Bigfoot would be in black-and-white or color. Obviously, I decided on color. But I really liked the drama of that deep, dark shadow so I left it in.-v

Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. Let’s keep the comments appropriate.