Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 007

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 007

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…and that completes the triad of fail for our vacationing family man: fear, self-doubt and ridicule. Not the idyllic weekend he was hoping for but hey, maybe he’ll feel better after he gets something to eat. Next week: We return to the woods to see just what the heck’s going on up there.

Housekeeping: I’ve gotten a few emails lately about this. If you click on the email follow button to sign up for weekly email alerts you must also respond to the follow-up confirmation email. Had a few people signing up for email alerts and wondering why it’s not happening. As it turns out, none of them opened their confirmation email to complete the process.

And here’s some good news for you followers – if this is your first time back since last week, I’m running a sketch card giveaway open to followers of this blog. I’ll be drawing a random person’s name soon and sending them a hand-drawn bigfoot sketch card. All the details of the giveaway are right here. And yes, people who are following through both WordPress’s follow option and the weekly email alerts have what some would call an unfair advantage. -v

Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. Let’s keep the comments appropriate.

8 Responses

  1. Wow. You’ve got some premeditated psychology going on here.

  2. This is one of my new favorite (web)comics! Another wonderful installment! Keep’m comin’!

  3. First of all, WHAT monsters?

    Second of all, who is the Checkered Man?

    • What monsters? Please, Beth…they’re innumberable!
      And as for the Checkered Man, no one really knows who he is. Shadowy hero watching over a city in need? Or just a guy in longjohns?
      Whichever it is, it makes for a very entertaining superhero webcomic to which I find myself, as of late, addicted.

  4. The only monsters I’ve seen lately (and I hate to tell you this) are the really big wolf spiders in our basement. Orkin has deemed it an infestation. Fortunately, they are slow-moving and big targets. I wear shoes down there, because I just can’t warm up to a creature with eight eyes.

    • Ah, perfect comment to read right before bed. Giant wolf spiders. I won’t google that, but my imagination has already supplied an image. Let the nightmares commence. Goodnight folks!

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