Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 001

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 001

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So here’s page one of my latest experiment. There’s a story here (somewhere) and more characters to meet so I hope you stick around for a while.  If you like what you see and you’d like to see more, you can sign up to get email alerts when the new pages go up (about once a week). Feel free to share it with anyone who might enjoy it. Thanks. -v

Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. Let’s keep the comments appropriate.

8 Responses

  1. I really like the art style, and that it is kid friendly, great work!

    • Thanks, Mike! I’ve had a few other people comment that they enjoy the kid-friendly nature of the art and story. Truth is, I’m really just making something here that I’d want to read myself, so I’m glad it translates well to both kids and adults. Glad you stopped by! -v

  2. I’m eager to get started reading UTOB, Vince. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m super excited about it!

  3. Everybody needs a friend

  4. thank you for the book i am doing a book talk about you

    • Hey thanks. You know, I’ve been so busy finishing up the Kickstarter rewards, I haven’t updated this UToB site in a while. Thanks for kicking me into gear. -v

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