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This page was originally scheduled to appear last week as part of a two-page spread. When I changed my mind last minute, the edits I made to the blog post didn’t save and so much of what I discussed last week about Scout finally finishing this fetch really made no sense —and none of us even noticed. Nobody called me on it and I didn’t even realize until I was scheduling this week’s page. I guess it really is time for me to take a break.

UTOB Past vs Present 035Anyway, this week’s page shows Scout finally finishing the fetch that was started when Ben tossed the stick back on page 2 (and again when Scout found the stick a hundred pages later on page 102). For those of you in the “Someday Ben Will Return” camp, it’s clear Scout will be happy to see his friend if he should ever visit. For those in the “This Is Their Final Goodbye” camp, it’s a good, solid farewell with a lot of love and no hurt feelings. So we’re good all around.

Next week we bring Book One to a close with two (two, count ‘em, two) pages of UTOB on Christmas Eve. After that I’ll post sporadically when I have updates to share (about new Bigfoot comics or getting this story printed), but really, after next week, it’s all about the napping. Lots of napping.

Bigfoot and Scout nappingI do plan to go over my pages for Book One and sand down some of the rough edges. I’m eager to step back from the story for a bit, get a different perspective, and tweak things here and there. This whole story’s been done at a dead run, week to week, writing most of it on the fly. Along the way, there have been some spots where I’ve felt if I’d had another week or so to think about a page (or a panel or a line) I might’ve handled it differently. So I’ve started making notes that will result in some minor changes and, potentially, some major ones. But don’t worry. I don’t plan on going too Hollywood:

UTOB gets a Hollywood RevampOkay folks, I’m counting on you to come back sometime next week and wish me a fond farewell. Remember, it’s the final two pages of the story. I know some of you will be celebrating the holidays, so don’t feel pressured. Whenever you get around to visiting with the guys, they’ll be here waving goodbye. Have a great holiday! -v

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