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Looks like Scout woke up on the wrong side of the mountain. Fun to see him belly-aching again. But the emotional impact of Bigfoot’s find resonated so strongly with both of them that Scout will probably keep any further complaints to himself for a while.

Speaking of Bigfoot’s find, how did that happen? Isn’t all of Michael’s stuff preserved in that shrine to his friend back at the cave? Not all of it. If you remember, when Michael was climbing up that mountain all those years ago to stop the poachers, the magnifying glass tumbled out of his bag. It’s a little worse for wear, but it’s right where it needed to be for Bigfoot to find it all these decades later.


And, of course, “magnifying glass” was never the word Bigfoot was grasping for in that moment. Back when he first met The Naturalist, Bigfoot never could pronounce his name right and, instead opted for “friend.” I’m sure Michael would be proud Bigfoot finally got it right. UTOBPastVsPresent015

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