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Well, there it is. Now we know who was calling for Scout — his family, Dad and Ben. Last time we saw them, they were beatin’ feet out of the forest, Dad having been spooked by a sasquatch. The story he told his family about “a big bear” might’ve been a cover story…and it might’ve been Dad trying to convince himself that he was just seeing things.

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But it looks like they haven’t spotted Scout yet, they’re just calling for him. And though Scout heard their calls, he hasn’t seen them yet either. So we’ve landed at that thrilling crossroads of what could happen and what will happen. This is a space I like to occupy. In fiction and in real life. Things could go in any direction from here.

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But hey, I’m not going to tease any of the 10 or 15 viable, legitimate endings I’ve toyed with since starting this. I don’t want to ruin anything. I know quite a few of you have strong opinions about the ways this story should finish up. And that’s awesome! But I caution you not to let your expectations sour your enjoyment of the story. Just let the tale unfold on its own. Because, let’s face it, if you guess “alien dog” and it turns out to be “alien dog,” you’ll want to punch someone. Probably me.

One last thing. I finally had the time to put links to some podcast interviews, Q & A’s and reviews on the press page. I’ve posted about them before, here in the blog, but now they’re all in one place, organized by date.-v

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