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GET AWAY FROM MY DOG! Some of you may have thought Dad turned tail when he heard the gunshots on page 106. After all, he did shout, “Ben! Back to the car! Somebody’s shooting!”

UTOB Past Vs. Present 029But others may have guessed that he merely sent his son back to the car and charged in the direction of the gunshots to find and rescue Scout. So. Dad’s no longer the scaredy-cat he was back on page three, and probably not as bad a guy as some people might have thought. Ah, the sweet nectar of redemption, how smoothly it goes down.

But that’s not all that’s going down. Once again, Bigfoot’s talent for mimicry and selective mastery of the english language reveals itself in a very dramatic way. If Wayne thought the hunting trip was bad before, now that Bigfoot’s on the offensive how can these two yahoos stand a chance?

Nothing extra to post this week since my computer’s on the fritz and I just barely got this page up (whew!). But now’s as good a time as any to remind you that all of the awesome fan art I’ve received is just sitting there in the fan art gallery, waiting for your eyes to ogle it. So take a spin through the gallery and revisit some of the great fan art people have generously sent over the last couple years.

Next week: Free-form poetry, interpretive dance or another page of Bigfoot. I haven’t decided yet. As usual, if you’d like to throw more support my way, feel free to visit the links posted below. See you next week! -v
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