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Lest we forget, Scout’s not a talking dog. Easy to forget when we read his word balloons every week. But no. He barks, yips and growls just like any other dog and it’s up to everyone else (his family and Bigfoot) to interpret what he means. So far, Bigfoot’s done pretty well. But I’m not so sure his “top dog speech” made a lot of sense to Dad and Ben.

Made sense to me, though. After everything Scout’s been through and all he’s learned, why would he want to spend his time chasing ducks around a pond or fetching sticks. With all his skills he could enlist as a search dog and save lives or do good work as a therapy dog…the sky’s the limit!

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Now, if you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ll notice I changed some words in last week’s page. Doesn’t happen often, but it’s proof I’m flying by the seat of my pants every week. These pages I upload are, for all intents and purposes, a first draft. I started writing Scout’s dialogue for the current page and the word “unbeatable” sounded uncomfortable coming out of his mouth. Having the word “beat” and “dog” in the same phrase felt wrong, and unsettling. So I let Scout dictate the line and he came up with “top dog” and, really, it’s perfect for the character and works really well in his confident little rant.

No other extras this week because I’ve been busy with client work. Next week’s Thanksgiving, but I’ll still post a comic. We’re getting close to the end here, I’d be crazy to miss an update now. See you next week! -v

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