Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 108/109

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Ka-Boom!! This is a double-page spread, so click here to enlarge it.

Scout could’ve run away to try and catch his family, but he chose to try and help Bigfoot instead. Is it the right choice? Well, Bigfoot’s saved Scout’s life five or six times since he was lost in the woods. So, morally, yeah, it’s the right choice. Was it a wise choice? We don’t know yet. I don’t like the odds of one formerly-frightened-suddenly-brave beagle against two dimwits with rifles. And speaking of rifles, Chet’s went off. Is Bigfoot okay? Or is this last ditch charge all in vain? Who knows?

I will admit I’ve been waiting two years to showcase Scout’s hidden courage, so it feels good posting this page no matter what the outcome. Way to go, Scout!

Here’s some behind-the-scenes production stuff. Since Untold Tales of Bigfoot is done in a cartoony style, I’m never too concerned with getting every last technical detail spot on. With my main characters being a talking dog and a sasquatch, I’m not going for realism, here — I’m pushing story. Still, every once in a while I need some sort of visual reference to help me maintain some minimal contact with reality. That’s why, months ago, I built this ridiculous cardboard rifle out of wrapping paper tubes for photo reference.

Carboard Rifle for photo reference
It’s totally safe (it doesn’t have a trigger) and it helps me when I need to see how a person’s hands grip a rifle at a particular angle. It’s assisted me on more than one occasion when poachers Chet and Wayne are in a scene. It’s about as close as I’ll ever get to an actual gun and that suits my sasquatch friend just fine.

Cardboard Rifle for photo reference
Finally, I’ve been posting some never-before-posted process images (pencils sketches, inks, etc.) over at the Untold Tales of Bigfoot Facebook Page. But today I thought I’d post the pencils and inks from this spread right here. So ogle them all you like. Not a lot of crazy detail in this spread…it was more about impact.

Pencils and Inks for UTOB pages 108 and 109
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