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Yes, it’s a happy reunion. But that look of concern on Scout’s face indicates there may be a monkey wrench in the works. He’s got something on his mind. And I think we all know what (in the name of Aunt Fannie’s Underpants) Ben and his Dad have stumbled across. But just to be sure, tune in next week.

Hey, the fan art this week is a whole new kind of animal. James Stowe is the creator of the webcomic Sidekick Quests, an all-ages comic about a band of adventurers who battle demons and monsters and quest for treasure. But it’s more than a comic for James. His comic is the accompanying narrative to Sidekick Quests, The RPG Game James designed. Hence, his characters’ actions are often determined by the arbitrary roll of the die. It’s a fascinating way to structure a plot and you never know what’s going to happen next…and neither does James!

Following that theme, James’ UTOB fan art is set up like a character sheet in his game. Here’s “The Bigfoot That Tales Are Not Told About” pictured beside his character profile, abilities, and actions you’d have to deal with if you came across this Bigfoot in a game of Sidekick Quests!

Untold Tales of Bigfoot fan art by James Stoew
You can download James’ game from his site and, if you’d like the chance to wander into Bigfoot territory while you’re playing, James is going to have both the Bigfoot and Scout character sheets available for free download soon. Sidekick Quests the RPG Game is a fun, family-friendly starter-game and a great way to get kids interested in role-playing games. Stop by James’ site to read his comic and check out his game.

I did some Sidekick Quests fan art for James in exchange. I knew James would bring the heat with the bouncy, cartoon designs done in a razor-sharp digital style, so I thought I’d play it safe and go the other direction with some old-fashioned Sunday-comics-type stuff. He’ll be posting my fan art a little later. Until then, here’s a small sneak peek.

Fan Art for Sidekick QuestsIf you’re following my Wish On A Halloween Moon posts, today’s monster is a young science whiz with a bug problem.

Wish On A Halloween Moon : FlyIf you like cute, creepy monsters and want to read the story, I’ll be posting all of my drawings daily, in order, on Twitter (@vincedorse) under the hashtags #Inktober #PageADayStory and #WishOnAHalloweenMoon. And if you want to catch up from the beginning, I’ve also been posting the pages on the Wish On A Halloween Moon Facebook Page. So follow along! -v

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