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Trees that eat people up and spit ‘em out…lost dogs that appear when you least expect them…there is something seriously weird going on here. But it looks like the Ranger has it all covered. And if he needs help, it looks like Dad’s ready to throw down again. Never before in my life have I been this happy to see a gathering of authority figures.

And Bigfoot? He’s still lurking about, just taking it all in and sharing a knowing look with Scout. What’s his next move? Well, if we’re to believe the photo below, it looks like he’ll be hanging out with a bloodthirsty pirate!

run red run felts of Bigfoot and Scout
Those fuzzy friends are, of course, the fantastic Bigfoot and Scout needle felted dolls that I commissioned from Michelle at runredrun. A local library’s featuring a nice display of her Halloween/monster-themed fiber sculptures this month, so I lent her Bigfoot and Scout to class up the joint. You can see a few photos of the exhibit at runredrun.com.

Now here’s something that has nothing to do with Bigfoot but everything to do with me drawing like a beast. Every October, artists all over the world take the InkTober drawing challenge by creating one ink drawing a day the entire month. Most of them do it old-school, with actual ink on actual paper. Normally, I ink and color Bigfoot digitally, but I try to take part in Inktober to brush up on my natural media inking skills. Since it takes me little longer to work that way (because Bristol Board doesn’t come with an undo keystroke) my participation in past years has been spotty at best.

Well, this year that all changes. Because this year I’m utilizing Inktober as a springboard to a whole new experiment! Yes, I’ll be drawing in ink on paper, but all of my drawings will be part of a continuing Page-A-Day-Story that will run every day of October and finish up on Halloween! I got a jump on things so I wouldn’t fall behind and started sketching and inking already. And since it’s October first, here’s page one of Wish On A Halloween Moon.

Wish On A Halloween Moon, page 001I won’t be posting that image on Twitter until later today, so you guys get a sneak peek. So, have I gone ’round the bend? Can I ink up a page of story every day in October? Who knows? But I’m going to try. Oh, it may not be great literature or fine art, but I think it’ll be fun. If you want to read the story, I’ll be posting all of my drawings daily, in order, at my Twitter account, under the hashtags #Inktober #PageADayStory and #WishOnAHalloweenMoon. I hope you follow along! -v

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