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Well, as it happens, there are wild animals out here.  And Dad finally has to face facts. It was a Bigfoot he saw. And now, Bigfoot is the only thing standing between these folks and the lost dog they came here to save. Wellity-wellity-well.

If all works out as I’ve planned, this story, Crossing Paths, will finish up before the end of the year. So this seems as good a time as any to once again thank everyone who comes back to read UTOB every week, those of you who sign up for the email alerts, all of you commenters who share your thoughts, those of you who like and share the comics on social media, and all the other comic creators, writers, and artists who have offered me their enthusiasm and support. All of you folks are awesome and I couldn’t have made it this far without you.

And since I won’t be seeing you here until November, this will be my last chance to post my Wish On A Halloween Moon drawings on this blog. As you can see, town full of monsters notwithstanding, Henry the new kid has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Master Hyde, Wish On A Halloween Moon by Vince Dorse

There are still a few pages left before Halloween, and I’m still posting these drawings daily on Twitter (@vincedorse) under the hashtags #Inktober #PageADayStory and #WishOnAHalloweenMoon. And if you want to catch up from the beginning, I’ve also been posting the pages on the Wish On A Halloween Moon Facebook Page. So follow along!

See you next week, everybody! Until then, here’s hoping your Halloween is full of friendly monsters! -v

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