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Of course! What else is an unarmed, senior citizen supposed to do against a gang of gun-toting scofflaws? Why, use nature as a weapon, that’s what! Tune in for my new series, The Naturalist! Watch as he battles crime using the environment! (No. Just…no) Anyway, I guess we’ll see how this turns out next week.

Someone sent me this link to a possible Bigfoot sighting in Saskatchewan. If you enjoy grainy video of hairy bipeds largely obscured by flora, feel free to take a look and form an opinion.

Finally, I’m part of a small group of other comic creators online who suggest drawing challenges for fun every week. With the recent success of the new LEGO movie, this week’s challenge was “LEGO.” Most people were drawing their own comic characters as LEGO mini-figures, so I figured I’d follow suit. No, these are not available in stores, but I can dream, can’t I?-v

Untold Tales of Bigfoot LEGO Minifigures
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