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Here we go, folks. We’re back at the original campsite where Scout was lost and left behind. Turns out his tracking skills are better than he thought. And there’s the stick that was instrumental in Scout losing his way. We’re going all the way back to page two for that reference.

UTOB Past Vs. Present 25And though I don’t think there’s anything shcary behind Scout, there’s definitely something interesting. In this long trek back from that sad mountaintop, we’ve skirted sleeping bears, confronted cranky racoons and landed a slippery fish. Next week we’ll find out how our two intrepid travelers navigate their way around a docile deer. Something about that deer, though — why do I get the feeling he spooks easily?

Here’s some Untold Tales of Bigfoot-related art you might not see if you don’t follow me on Twitter. This week, the mini-group of comic creators I’m a part of chose Jeff Smith’s Bone as their “sketch jam” topic to interpret as we chose. Since much of Bone and Untold Tales of Bigfoot takes place in the woods, I thought it’d be fun to sketch a crossover moment and have our little Scout stumble upon Bone as their quests crossed. Bone was originally released as a black/white comic, so I stuck to that aesthetic. Having done so, it made me want to try other black/white UTOB projects. Gotta say, things move a lot quicker when you don’t have to color them in.

Vince Dorse's Scout meets Jeff Smith's Bone
And if you feel like seeing some non-Bigfoot artwork, lately I’ve been fiddling around with my tech pens, brush pens and markers in an effort to get back to some good old-fashioned natural media drawing. All this digital work can make you rusty, and part of me missed having ink-spattered fingers. Because I was in a Disney mood, I doodled the infamous Hatbox Ghost from The Haunted Mansion. I put up a short process post that shows my steps.

Hatbox Ghost teaserThat’s it for this week. Be a “deer” and stop back next week to see how things go for our friends.-v

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