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Well, it looks like Dad finally found his center. He’s got this whole Bigfoot thing under control and he’s made his peace with Scout. Next week we’ll see if he can work some magic with Ben. A few people have asked if Ben and his Dad will ever come back to visit Scout. Judging by how they left things — and depending on which way you tend to lean — you could certainly assume a reunion is either distinctly possible or astronomically unlikely. Choose as you must.

Next week I’ll post a regular update but, the week after that, I’ll be posting the final two pages on Christmas Eve. The last two pages fit well together and I didn’t want to break them up. So that’ll be my holiday gift to you: something to read if you need a five minute break from the festivities.

Bigfoot and Scout running sketch cardSo, this image of Bigfoot and Scout racing across a field was a sketch card I was working on. But I just wasn’t feelin’ it and the wheels came off the apple cart so now it’ll probably end up in a friend’s stocking as a bonus gift this holiday. I posted it because it’s a good way to let you know I’ve started stocking my online store with odds and ends, here and there. Eventually, the store will feature UTOB prints and other merchandise (maybe the printed book, fingers crossed). But for now, if you feel like browsing while we’re stocking the shelves, you can visit the store here.

And guess what? We have another fan art exchange! Night Ninja and the Thirty Feats of Fear is about two brothers sent out into the world to accomplish 30 fantastic feats in order to become official Ninja. Joe Gillespie writes and draws Night Ninja with Will, his writing partner and three-year old son. As Joe describes the process, “I came up with a series of cards — some for characters/monsters, some for choices/events and some for locations. It’s kind of like playing D&D. A few times a month I have Will pick through each set and that is how I move the Night Ninja brothers and their story forward.”

So that, he explained, is how Bigfoot ended up running across a spider crab. “I asked [Will] to pick one of my sketches for Bigfoot to meet.” Will picked a spider crab and that was that. Hey, this is how writing partnerships work, folks! You can see how it turned out in Joe’s fan art below.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot fan art by Joe Gillespie
Of course, I returned the favor and did some Night Ninja artwork of my own. I tried to tie it in with Joe’s UTOB piece. In fact, the two can’t really exist without each other. Check out my fan art (and Joe’s comic) right here.

Night Ninja Fan Art by Vince DorseOkay folks, don’t forget to visit the UTOB Facebook Page for behind-the-scenes stuff and updates on any future printing of the comic. Also, tossing a vote my way at TobWebcomics is always appreciated. See you next week! -v

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