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So there you have it. A happy family reunion. Dad is redeemed, Ben is reunited with his dog, and Scout understands how truly loved he is. I cannot, for the life of me, think of any other loose ends that I’ve left untied…

Hey, I have some fantastic fan art (and related news) this week and it comes all the way from Buenos Aires! Danilo Guida is the artist and co-creator behind the retro/pulp/action/adventure/mystery webcomic Deep Dive Daredevils. Do you like Were-Whales and Underwater Vampires? Go read it! And though he’s busy working on his debut graphic novel for French publisher, Editions Sandawe, Danilo took the time to throw some old-school, classic comic book realism into the UTOB universe with this amazing fan art!

Untold Tales of Bigfoot fan art by Danilo Guida
If you’ve been reading Untold Tales of Bigfoot for any length of time, you may recognize that this is Danilo’s dramatic re-imagining of the scene where Bigfoot & Scout reach the top of the mountain and have to face the secret revealed at the summit.

UTOB Past Vs Present 33
So, did I reciprocate with a Deep Dive Daredevils pin-up of my own? Yup. And there’s a story behind that. Lemme tell ya’…

Deep Dive Daredevils is in the final week of an already-successful Kickstarter campaign. But they’ve set an ambitious stretch goal for the final week: If the team hits $9000, writer Matt Heistand will pen a short Deep Dive Daredevils story that will be illustrated by yours truly! That’s right. A whole new short story of underwater intrigue, mysterious mermaids and deep-sea-diving dogs, written by Matt and illustrated by me. But that’s only if they hit their stretch goal of $9000. So, Whether you’re already a backer or not, head over to the Deep Dive Daredevils Kickstarter and see if there’s anything you can do toward making this story happen.

Deep Dive Daredevils fan art by Vince Dorse
Want more incentive? How about this: Whether they hit the nine grand or not, any backer who contributes at least $15 will get two copies of the DDD comic, an embroidered patch and my fan art as an 11×17 bonus poster. Yup. They’re printing that thing up as we speak. But there’s a secret code you have to remember. Once you pledge $15 to the DDD Kickstarter, during the survey phase, when they ask for your address to ship you your comics, enter the promo code “Dorse DDD” to snag one of my posters. For more details, check out the announcement at the Deep Dive Daredevils site. Then, head over to the Deep Dive Daredevils Kickstarter to join the crew!

My inky story for October, Wish On A Halloween Moon, is still shambling along on Twitter and Facebook. Today I’m posting this two-page spread of teenage zombies.

Wish On A Halloween Moon zombies
Wish On A Halloween Moon is the story of Henry, a kid who moves to a new town right before Halloween and wishes he had someone to trick-or-treat with. The wish awakens the town’s young monsters, who all converge upon the unsuspecting Henry. If you like cute, creepy monsters and want to read the story, I’ll be posting all of my drawings daily, in order, on Twitter (@vincedorse) under the hashtags #Inktober #PageADayStory and #WishOnAHalloweenMoon. And if you want to catch up from the beginning, I’ve also been posting the pages on the Wish On A Halloween Moon Facebook Page. So follow along! -v

Untold Tales of BIgfoot Facebook Page
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