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…aaaand scene!

Well folks, that’s a wrap for Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Book One: Crossing Paths. Rest assured I’ve already started going back over the last 127 pages to fix any boneheaded mistakes, clean up any wonky art or dialogue, and make it presentable for any potential print run.

Quick roundup of references on this page: This isn’t the first time Scout’s watched his family drive away. But this time he’s seeing it through different eyes.

Scout watches his family drive away again.
And if you had trouble placing Bigfoot’s awkward line, it was originally delivered by Ben back on page 117 (and we all know what a quick study Bigfoot is).

Aunt Fannie's Underpants!

So, what new adventures will Bigfoot and Scout have? For now, I’ll leave that up to your imagination. But there’s always been a Book Two rattling around in my head. Comments on the blog have suggested I’m not the only one who might enjoy seeing another untold tale told. I’ll say this: I would love to do another story. If the first book manages to get printed and there’s a good response, book two would be a fine companion to that. So keep following this blog and the UTOB Facebook Page for any updates and announcements about a UTOB Kickstarter and any other future plans for Bigfoot and Scout.

Scout spills the beans
I’ve said it before over these last two and a half years or so, but I want to offer sincere thanks to old and new readers alike, those of you on the mailing list and anyone who’s been coming back week after week to follow the adventure. Thanks to everyone who shared the comic on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth, as well as those of you who linked to me on your blogs and webcomics. You were an invaluable help to getting Bigfoot and Scout the audience they have. Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion on the blog. You helped create a fun, friendly environment down there in the comments section…one in which Bigfoot felt right at home. Thanks to those of you who graciously interviewed me for your blogs and podcasts and helped me get the word out about this little comic. I’m overwhelmed by your support. Thanks also to everyone who sent me fan art. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to have so many talented artists re-imagine my characters. Keep that stuff coming, by the way! I’ll be leaving the fan art gallery up so everyone can continue to enjoy it. Oh, and a big thanks to that one guy who actually left something in the UTOB tip jar. You know who you are, you magnificent son of a gun.

But if you really wanna’ help out, don’t stop spreading the word now. While I’m busy figuring out a way to get this story printed, I’ll be leaving the comic up as is. So please tell your friends about it, your friends’ kids, their boy scout/girl scout troops, your friends at the local comic shop, the middle-grade classroom of kids you teach…whoever you think might enjoy this story. The bigger the audience, the more successful an eventual Kickstarter campaign will be, and the better chance we have of getting this story on paper and in your hands.

The Naturalist reads UTOB

As I said, I’ll be updating sporadically with news about Bigfoot and Scout, info about their stories and merchandise, maybe a comic here and there, so please come on back (even better, sign up for the mailing list and let technology do the work for you). Visit the Untold Tales of Bigfoot Facebook Page, vote us up on Topwebcomics.com and check my online store for original UTOB artwork and prints as I get the shelves stocked.

Bigfoot To The Rescue Sketch CardYou know this, but when this comic started, it was just an experiment to see if I could improve my craft. I had no idea all of you would enjoy it so much that some of you’d be clamoring for another story. You really made it all worthwhile. Thanks so much for your support. It truly means a lot to me. I’m sure if you’re ever wandering through their neck of the woods, Bigfoot and Scout would be happy to call you friends. Have a great holiday everyone! I hope the next year is a great one for all of you. Thanks again! -v

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