Untold Updates Of Bigfoot, Part One

random new panels from Untold Tales of Bigfoot

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Hey everybody!

Just wanted to give you an update so you didn’t think I’d died.

As you know, Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Book One wrapped up this past December. In the ensuing weeks, I’ve had the time to go back through the story to smooth out some rough edges and sharpen some dull corners. Some of the changes I’ve been working on are minor (aiming for consistency in the character designs) while other changes are more dramatic.

Posting a new page every week was fun and challenging, but some weeks I’d come away wishing I’d given myself just a few more days to work on a particular scene or page. So, while I’ve been going through, fixing color errors or tweaking character design, I also reworked some of those scenes I thought deserved more time. And that’s what you’re seeing above — just a few of the new panels that’ll be added into the story to help flesh out what’s already there. In some cases I’ll be editing or adding a panel or two, here and there. In other cases, entire pages have been added. So that means whenever this thing gets printed, there will be plenty of new stuff that you haven’t seen.

Now, about that print copy. Though I’ve submitted the comic to a couple publishers, I haven’t gotten any responses yet. (Side note: If any of you are influential editors at major comic publishers, get in touch. We should talk.) Ultimately, if this route doesn’t pan out, I’ll put together a Kickstarter campaign and, with any luck, maybe you folks can help fund a print run.

However we do it, know that I’m very focused on trying to get the story printed and in your hands. So watch untoldtalesofbigfoot.com and the Untold Tales of Bigfoot Facebook page for any updates.

I have to admit, I miss interacting with you guys every week. I always appreciate the support you throw my way. I’ll have to figure out a way to make these updates more frequent. Thanks again and spread the word. -v

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