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Oh no no no is right! It’s stinkin’ Chet and Wayne again! Scout hit the dirt the second he heard the shot, but now he’s got a real dilemma! Scout’s family’s been spooked by the unexpected gunfire, and they don’t know Scout’s right over the ridge. Should Scout high-tail it after the family he’s been searching for, or help Bigfoot deal with this new problem?

Each decision leaves disaster in its wake. Help Bigfoot, and Scout misses his chance to get home. Run to the family, and he leaves Bigfoot devastated by this loss and, most likely, in danger. Sometimes there is no easy decision.

Quick note on this: Today’s episode marks two years of  Untold Tales of Bigfoot. How do I celebrate that? Well, one way I’ve apparently decided to celebrate it is to kill off the very first character that ever appeared in UTOB two years ago. A moment of silence for the deer with the mismatched antlers.

Another, much happier way to celebrate two years is with some stunning fan art. One of the great things about being a part of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators is getting to know some of the most talented illustrators in the business. It’s a great way to learn from the pros and an excuse to get out of the studio every now and again for some human contact. And, as you’ll see below, it’s a great way to land some devastatingly beautiful fan art for your comic — in this case, from talented children’s book author and illustrator, John Manders.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot Fan Art by John Manders

John works traditionally, in gouache and colored pencil, and his illustrations are featured in dozens of children’s books and magazines. A few years ago, I got the chance to color the comic line art John provided for the children’s book, Two Bad Pilgrims and I had a blast. John, by the way, won a National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for Children’s Illustration the same year NCS gave me one for UTOB. Always a class act, John looked much better in a tux than I did. He called this beautiful and imaginative piece “Scout” and it’s just magical. It captures the idea of this little pup, lost in the woods, with a guardian to watch over him who’s a fundamental force of nature, linked intrinsically to the environment around him. I love it. You can take a look at John Manders’ website here.

As most of you know, I started building the Untold Tales of Bigfoot Facebook Page recently (just posted another sketch card there last night) and I appreciate all of the likes and shares you guys have thrown my way. I’ve picked up some new readers thanks to that, so keep up the good work and please accept my sincerest thanks.-v

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