Another Reuben Award Nomination for Untold Tales of Bigfoot!

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Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Two years ago, Untold Tales of Bigfoot won the Reuben Award for Best Online Comic, Long-Form. A couple days ago, I got the call letting me know we’d been nominated again this year! That’s the kind of news that can really make your weekend.

Of course it’s an honor just to be nominated. And the other nominees in the category are fantastic. There’s the long-running and wildly popular BattlePug by Mike Norton, and Minna Sundberg’s beautiful Stand Still, Stay Silent. Check ‘em out. Both of those comics are packed with great writing and eye-popping illustration, and it’s a kick to be nominated alongside both of them.

So, will I get to bumble through an ill-prepared speech on stage this year or will it be one of my talented peers?  Doesn’t matter. Because I’ve already hit the jackpot. It’s a thrill to have the comic recognized, and it’s a blast knowing I’ve entertained you guys, the loyal readers. Your feedback and support helped me crank out page after page, week after week. Thanks for making it feel worthwhile. You can wish me luck at the Reubens this May, but honestly, I already feel pretty darned lucky. -v

Note To Superfans: No, Scout didn’t learn to read during the hiatus. He’s breaking character in this gag to help me announce the nomination, but according to canon, Scout can’t read any better than the average dog. Also, you’ll note a style change in the illustration. That’s because I threw this page together in record time after I got the news and had to skip my usual sketch/pencils/inks/colors workflow. Still, I don’t hate it. I’ve been thinking about experimenting with a different style for these guys, and this doesn’t look half-bad. Might be a good starting point for a new look. What do you think?

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