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Where did that crazy dog come from?! Suddenly, timid little Scout’s got some teeth! That’s what happens when you threaten Bigfoot, I guess. And Chet totally deserved that crack on the head. Too bad it didn’t take all the fight out of him. Watch your back, Scout!

Hey, a few weeks ago I pestered fellow comic creator Kelly Tindall with my version of his character, Strangebeard — she’s a 12-year old girl who happens to be the reincarnation of a bloodthirsty pirate. The full image of my fan art is over at Kelly’s site. Feel free to go look at it and, while you’re there, catch up with his fun, all-ages adventure comic, Strangebeard! It’s got ghosts, monsters, swashbuckling adventure…the whole shebang!

My Strangebeard fan artBut pestering Kelly with my own fan art wasn’t enough. I continued to annoy, cajole and needle him until he delivered this wonderful Untold Tales of Bigfoot fan art. Kelly brought Strangebeard’s energetic, inky style over to my neck of the woods and the results look fantastic. I love the concept and design that went into this piece. And if you don’t see Bigfoot at first, keep searching. As usual, he’s hiding in the trees somewhere.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot fan art by Kelly Tindall
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