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So now we know Bigfoot can not only run fast, lift heavy objects and climb like a monkey, he can also hurl a portly chowderhead about 20 or 30 feet with stunning accuracy. Good to know.

Amazingly, Bigfoot managed to stay hidden from the humans — something Scout taught him. Even Dad isn’t aware how close he is to the “monster”. Fact is, since this whole thing began Dad’s been trying to convince himself he didn’t actually see a Bigfoot. A reality where Bigfoot exists is just a little out of his comfort zone, despite what his eyes and ears told him back on page three.

UTOB Past Vs Present 030
Anyhoo, it’s nice to see Ben reunited with his dog. No matter where you want the story to head, you can’t argue against a boy and his dog.

Next week: Who knows? Maybe Bigfoot climbs down out of the tree and tosses Dad fifteen yards or so. Once you get a hankerin’ for throwing people, it’s a hard habit to break. As usual, if you’d like to throw more support my way, share the comic with someone who might like it, and feel free to visit the links posted below. See you next week! -v

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