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These last few weeks I’ve been having fun with these quiet pages of Scout and Bigfoot ambling through the forest, encountering other forest-dwellers. These pages still serve the story of the long quest, but they’re also self-contained 2-or-3-page mini-adventures. I wanted to see what Untold Tales of Bigfoot might feel like in a shorter format. I like it. Makes me think shorter, comic-book-length tales might be a lot of fun to work on.

Of course, all of that’s contingent on whether or not Scout stays in the forest long—term. And you can see in the final panel that’s not in his plans. That’s too bad, especially considering how well these two are getting along in panel 2. Anyway, here’s a quick process gif that shows panel 1 from inks to full colors.

Page 98 process gif

For anyone who might not catch the reference in panel 1, this waterfall was first crossed by the pair back on page 17. Back then Scout was just starting to comprehend the communications gap.

UTOB Past Vs. Present 23

Next week, Bigfoot eats a rabbit. No. I’m sure everything will turn out just fine. But if you vote for UTOB at TopWebcomics, I’ll make sure the rabbit lives.-v

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Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear what you think of the comic. Just remember, Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. So let’s keep the comments appropriate.

16 Responses

  1. It has been nice to see these two interacting in your latest posts. It’s quite a contrast from the intense storyline with the naturalist.

    • That’s what I figured, Tim. So much intensity in that flashback sequence and all the life-threatening chases through the woods, it felt like some quiet time was called for. Thanks for coming by. -v

      • Both are quite enjoyable, it’s a wild ride! Good to show your range of talent within the piece.

  2. Aww… Scout still wants to return home. I guess all beings want to live in their natural habitat.

    • Yeah, the old homestead is all Scout knew up to the time he got lost. And he was treated well. He’s talked about belly rubs and relaxing by the fireplace, we’ve seen him play “fetch” with the boy…it’s just the preferred lifestyle to running from mountain lions(p.23) and almost drowning in quicksand(p.14). Thanks for reading! -v

  3. I don’t get why Scout wants to return to domestic captivity, my mini doxie (also a hound) was always trying to escape to the wooded park behind our house. (And he had owners who cared about him!) Very cute and funny back reference, I had forgotten it since I rushed through early episodes to catch up once I discovered the strip. Fun to revisit and reinforce the story line.

    • Yeah, Anni, I know what you mean. Some dogs are runners, some are homebodies. Scout’s a homebody; loves his belly rubs and doggie treats. But oh yes, I’m familiar with the runners. The runners are heartbreakers.

      And I haven’t looked at that strip of panels from page 17 in a long time either. They could almost pass for a 3-panel gag strip. Thanks for coming by! -v

  4. Lookit Bigfoot cracking the jokes! Beautiful page Vince!

    • Bigfoot’s in a much better place now that he’s got someone to spend his days with. And we know he’s got a sense of humor because he used to goof around with The Naturalist. Thanks for coming by, Rich, glad you like the page! -v

  5. I’m a big fan of those short eight page tales ala Harvey Comics or Carl Barks’ Uncle Scrooge, little short self-contained stories that stand on their own. Planning shorter tales within your longer storyline is a great idea! This is such a breezy page, it feels so relaxed and open. If that first panel was a poster, I’d hang it on my wall!

    • Yeah, exactly that, Mark. I’m a huge fan of those Harvey/Disney/Whitman comics that had three or four short stories packed into one issue. I think I really want to give that a try sometime. Glad you like the page (and panel one). Looks like it had the desired effect. Whew! Thanks! -v

  6. Exactly what Mark said. The scene sets a relaxing mood that lifts the spirit and lets us take a breath. Very open and fun. I’m ready to dip my toes in the water!

    I enjoyed your interview and didn’t know this was your first attempt at a webcomic, Vince. Very impressive! (Don’t get a big head, like, you know, as big as your feet :OP)

    • It no secret, Joseph, that my title character shares some of my traits — most notably my giant feet and cave-like residence — but yes, this is my very first webcomic and I’m having a blast. And I’m learning a lot as I go along. Glad you like the page. Thanks for dropping in! -v

      • Your having fun with this certainly shows, Vince. I’m thoroughly enjoying the adventure!

  7. Ouch! Scout is twisting the knife in that last panel :(

    • Yeah, it’s just a pleasant walk in the woods until Scout rips us back to reality. Thanks for coming by, Evan! -v

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