Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 074

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 074

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Urgh. Things are a little confrontational down there in the valley. Uncle Dan doesn’t seem quite on the level. Not sure Michael’s going to be able to reason with these guys. And what is under that tarp? Don’t tell me. I don’t know and I don’t wanna know.

I do, however, know how young Zeke’s marriage is going to end up. So do you since, in this timeline, we all come from the future.
UTOB Past vs PresentAlso, at a reader’s suggestion, I took a chance and added a thumbs up/thumbs down rating system in the comments section. People, I’m told, sometimes like to show their support of other readers’ comments. To be truthful, I’ve never really paid attention to this sort of thing, but since all the comments we’ve gotten here in the last year and a half have been thoughtful and well-reasoned, and all the readers very respectful of each other, I’m willing to give it a shot. But if people start wagering or buying up-votes to impress their co-workers, I’m shuttin’ that noise down toot sweet!  Remember, the comments section is not a competition.

Finally, a friend reminded me that I didn’t point out a recent past vs. present reference on a recent page, so I’ll make up for that now. Remember when Bigfoot and Scout found that rusty old trap? Remember how Bigfoot said he “missed one?” I’m sure astute UTOB readers eventually caught the reference, but for anyone just jumping on, that little mystery was solved just a few pages ago in this very flashback.
UTOB Past vs PresentThanks for reading and commenting and liking and sharing (I stuck a bunch of new, easy-to-click share buttons at the bottom of the posts). Tune in next week to see The Naturalist beat the living daylights out of four gun-toting poachers. Or not. -v

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear what you think of the comic. Just remember, Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. So let’s keep the comments appropriate.

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  1. Can it be Zeke married into the Bigfoot clan? A whole new tangent! (Sorry if this is a spoiler, Vince.)

    • Heh heh…Well, Anni, Zeke’s powers of attraction are no doubt legendary. But I’m not sure he could attract a Bigfoot bride. The whole thing would end up like Romeo and Juliet anyway, so no, we’ll pass on that plot twist. : ) Thanks for stopping. -v

  2. I think uncle Dan is the rotten apple in the bunch. I’m sure if it weren’t for him, the other guys would follow the Naturalist’s orders.

    Great character designs, Vince. Zeke is my favorite. His big beard and mustache is funny. Uncle Dan reminds me of a GI Joe toy I had named Recondo. I had so much fun with those toys… :O)

    • I think you’re right about Dan, Joseph. He seems to be the alpha-male in this group. Those muttonchops can be very commanding. I’d like to give the other guys the benefit of the doubt (since that would make The Naturalist’s job much easier) but we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out.

      I’m not familiar enough with GI Joe to know the character you mentioned, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess Recondo was particularly skilled at recon? Thanks for swinging by, Joseph! -v

  3. I really enjoyed this page. These new characters and their personalities are flowing nicely. :D

    • Awesome! Thanks, Bill. I was hoping that introducing different characters in different timelines would keep things fresh…like you’re reading a comic within a comic. So far, my sinister plan has ensnared you in its web. Thanks for the encouragement! -v

  4. Hey, Vince—

    If I read UTOB as an e-mail every week, does it count in your audience tally the same as if I clicked over to the the site? Let me know if I need to be doing that.


    John Manders Illustration http://www.johnmanders.com

    • First, thanks for reading UTOB every week, John. Much appreciated.

      As for my tallies…it’s hard to tell with any accuracy, but I’m guessing that my hits are only bolstered by people actually clicking through to the site. So, yeah, if you find you have the time and inclination to help me bump up my numbers, you can consider the email notification a pleasant reminder to come to the site and read the comic.

      But wait! There’s more! By clicking through to the site to read UTOB, you also get the added benefit of a lively and insightful comments section! Yes, a wonderful comments section (now with ratings!) and an opportunity to interact with award-winning cartoonist, Vince Dorse! (Sometimes Vince interacts with award-winning children’s book illustrator, John Manders!)

      But there’s even more! With all of the easy-to-click share buttons at the bottom of each post, now you can share UTOB with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

      And if a lot of that seems like a marketing maneuver, yeah, it kind of is. But with the potential for a printed edition of UTOB balanced upon hits and clicks and views and audience size, every little bit helps. So again, thanks for reading every week. And thanks for asking about the web hits. Anything you feel you want to do to get more eyes on this site would be greatly appreciated. -v

      • I would also like to add that going to the site is more enjoyable and less distracting than reading it in my email. I can be more immersed in all things Bigfoot and not have to see how many emails are in my inbox.

        Great post this week! I really like seeing Zeke because of his jokes! Thanks for a great comic week after week!

  5. Hmmmm. I don’t know if I’d be so quick to challenge a bunch of guys holding guns…especially with the “what’s under that tarp?” line. Yikes.

    • The Naturalist (Michael) is a good-natured guy who likely gives most people the benefit of the doubt and is probably pretty good at talking dangerous situations back from the edge. That said, what’s a gentle, introspective guy like The Naturalist doing confronting four dangerous-looking strangers? I’m guessing every man’s got a breaking point where, if the things he cares about are being threatened, he does what needs to be done. I’m hoping he can talk this thing out of the red zone. Thanks for commenting. -v

  6. Uh oh… Dan seems like a bit of a trouble maker… and that he carries a gun makes me even more nervous!

    • He does seem like a trouble-maker, Jerry. Big ol’ ‘stache and a cocky hat…probably smells like bad, ’70s cologne too. But that gun makes him dangerous. If I were The Naturalist, I’d tread very lightly. Thanks for coming by! -v

      • I’d say that his macho attitude and size, which adds to his self-image as a bad dude, are what makes him dangerous and the rifle just adds a force multiplier. Michael has started out by assuming authority over what the group is not permitted to do. Tough Guy is not used to having his will questioned and is trying to control the situation by asking questions instead of answering them.

        I suggest keeping out of the line of fire of Zeke, he is dangerous just by having his finger on the trigger and I am willing to bet he has a round in the chamber and the safety is off.

      • Yeah, Ol’ Gul…you got Dan down pat. He’s got size and bravado and he’s not used to anyone questioning his authority. And Zeke…jeez, I really should’ve been paying more attention to that guy. Finger on the trigger? That’s not safe. Michael better play this carefully. Thanks for the insightful comments. -v

  7. Really love the tension you’ve built in this page. All those little story details tying together here is what good comics is all about. If he should ever want to change careers, the Naturalist would make a great P.I.!

    • It’s tense, Mark. Tense! Really glad you’re enjoying the way the story’s unfolding. And I’m totally behind your theories on The Naturalist. We don’t know everything about his life before he met young Bigfoot. Maybe P.I. is on his resume. Stranger things have happened! Thanks for the comment! -v

  8. I’m glad to see Michael’s not intimidated by big ol’ uncle Dan! I trust that guy as far as I can throw him…

    • Yeah, Michael’s no coward. He’s actually got a pretty impressive character bio (most of which doesn’t ever show up in this particular story) but his quiet exterior is really disarming. I think he can hold his own with those guys. I will note that, while he left most of his supplies with Bigfoot, he did — whether intentionally or not — take that pick hammer on his hip. So he’s not utterly defenseless. Thanks for coming by! -v

  9. You mentioned that in this timeline we are coming from the future. Interestingly enough, I just came from the future. I’ve been reading Loop and I came across a guest comic you did dated April 3, 2013. ( wait, that’s the past in this timeline, the present present, I get confused jumping around like that ). My point is, a masterful comic presentation for Loop.

    • Ha, well, thanks! LOOP (for anyone who doesn’t know) is a fun comic by Sean McLean about the mishaps at a time-travel-agency. Sean’s done fan art for UTOB before (in the gallery on this site).

      During a hiatus a while ago, Sean was looking for fill-in comics and I jumped at the chance. It was fun drawing his characters and a challenge coming up with a stone-age gag Sean hadn’t already used. Glad you liked it! -v

  10. The Naturalist is the living embodiment of “grace under pressure.” He’s sitting on a powder keg and Uncle Dan is a lit match!

    • I can’t wait to see if/how the fuse gets dowsed!

    • Thanks, Mark. Yeah, The Naturalist has been around. He’s been through some stuff and he doesn’t get rattled easily. Plus, he’s a smart guy. So he’s got all kinds of advantages in this situation. The counterpoint, however, is a group of hotheads with weapons. Let’s just keep it cool, everyone. -v

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