Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 039

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 039

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Been a busy week. Some non-Bigfoot assignments have pushed me behind my time a bit  — how dare they! I’m hoping a few all-night drawing marathons here in the cave will prevent me from having to skip a week or take a small hiatus. But you never know. Consider this a friendly warning and hope for the best.

Do you recognize these strange characters I’ve drawn here? Of course, it’s Jeff and Ellie from the space-themed webcomic Ellie On Planet X by James Anderson and they’re part of this week’s fan-art exchange. You can see my whole piece by clicking here, but what I really want to show off is the UTOB fan-art Jim did for me. So scroll down and take a gander.
Ellie On Planet X fan art by Vince DorseJames Anderson has a very loose, painterly style that, in the vast landscape of webcomics, really stands out and grabs your attention. His comic, Ellie on Planet X (about a very cute robot exploring a distant planet and its inhabitants) is fun, quirky and always a visual treat. Jim was nice enough to surprise me with this Bigfoot and Scout fan-art a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It really captures the sweet friendship between these two that you know is lurking right beneath Scout’s nervous rants. It took me a while to reciprocate, but I did finally manage to churn out an Ellie comic of my own (in mock-Jim Anderson style). Rocket on over to Ellie On Planet X to check it out as well as Jim’s fantastic comic.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot fan art by James Anderson
Next week: Find out what the heck’s up with that photograph. -v

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear what you think of the comic. Just remember, Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. So let’s keep the comments appropriate.

21 Responses

  1. Thanks for a fantastic start to my day :D….Jeff looks super cool!!!

    • Oh great, Cheryl! Glad we could help you start your day off right! -v

  2. You introduce a human into the mix and tell us you might be going on vacation? Somebody here has to keep their hands on the wheel!

    • Heh heh, seriously, Anni! What am I thinking? It’s mostly other assignments that take time. It’s not like I’m on a Carnival Cruise or anything. But, like I said, I’ll see if a little more blood on the drawing board will set things right.

      Oh, and the human character? You noticed that? Hm. Yeah. Something, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by! -v

  3. Wow, awesome!

    • Awesome that you’re enjoying this! Thanks for reading! -v

  4. Hey Vince, love the cliffhanger moment here. This would explain why Bigfoot knows some human dialect and why he’s so apt to just head on out to a person for a meet and greet. Now I worry what has happened to his human friend, not to mention someone really needs to help Scout out with his illiteracy. :)

    • Maybe Bigfoot can read?

      • Oh, the wild speculation running rampant around here! -v

    • Thanks, Todd! Yes, this sudden revelation of a human acquaintance would certainly go a long way toward explaining many things. I guess I know now that you’re not just here for the artwork. : ) Thanks for commenting! -v

  5. I’m really enjoying the pace and how you’re taking us along this wonderful tale, Vince. And there’s always that right amount of mystery at the end of each page!

    Great fan art exchange between two of my favourite cartoonist, what a treat!

    • Thank you, Wouter. The challenge of the webcomic format is trying to make each weekly installment interesting enough to stand alone. But that can really knock the overall narrative out of balance. I think I’m doing okay with that so far, but there will likely be some weeks where you read it and say, “Gee, Vince, why isn’t anything happening?!” And then I will punch you. ; )

      And yeah, Jim’s Bigfoot/Scout made me grin pretty wide. Trying to tackle Jim’s style for my part of it was a fun challenge. As always, Wouter, thanks for stopping by! -v

  6. Love the cliffhanger Vince! I can’t wait to find out the story behind Bigfoot and his previous pal!

    • Thanks, Jerry. I think you’ll dig the direction I’m headed. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. -v

  7. I need to not listen to feelsy music when I read your comic. This makes me super curious but a little sad.

    • But Michael, you’re supposed to feel sad when you read my comic! That’s the whole point! It’s a lost puppy! It’s a lonely Bigfoot! It’s emotional desolation from top to bottom in here! Let the tears flow, Michael. Let ’em flow. -v

      • And, thankfully, Vince has not added orchestral accompaniment to the site. There’s enough here to tug the heartstrings.

  8. Oh ya that Photo is making me very curious as well!!

    • Good, Don. I was hoping someone would get curious. Scout’s certainly curious. You and Scout just have to wait a few more days and I’m sure you’ll find out everything you need to know. For now. Thanks for commenting! -v

  9. Who would’ve thought Bigfoot would have a nifty Facebook profile pic? :)

    • Well, I guess we’ve all seen his Twitter/Gravatar pic. ——–>

      : ) Thanks, George! -v

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