Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 024

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 024

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It’s a mad race through the forest where one misstep could mean the difference between life and death! I’m pretty sure Scout’s rethinking his decision to head back to camp on his own. But it looks like that last misstep of his might have bought him a few more moments…

Next Week: Cats and dogs…can’t they just get along?

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear what you think of the comic. Just remember, Untold Tales of Bigfoot is for grown-ups and kids. So let’s keep the comments appropriate.

14 Responses

  1. Definitely a cliff-hanger.

    • a-HA, I see what you did there! Thanks for stopping by, Beth!

  2. Fantastic sequence Vince! The pacing is perfect and all the sound effects really enhance the whole thing. Beautiful page! Poor Scout could really use his new buddy right about now.

    • Thanks, Jeff! Yeah I know everybody wants Scout to be safe, but if the chase ended too soon you’d feel cheated. Especially if you put it in another context…like a printed book. In print, with such little dialogue, you’d be flipping through these chase sequence pages like lightning! Pacing is tough with a weekly comic so I just have to trust in the reader’s patience and love of suspense. I’m glad you’re into it. Thanks!-v

  3. See Scout, this is why we STAY in Bigfoot’s cave. It’ll be harder to get back with your family if your Mountain Lion food.

    • You’re right, Todd. Unless his family has set up house in that mountain lion’s belly, it really seems like Scout might have made a bad move leaving the safety of Bigfoot’s cave. Thanks for reading! -v

  4. Poor Scout!…..this is going to be a long week …hope he’s okay! :(

    • I know, Cheryl. These weeks – these long weeks between updates – they drive me nuts too. Because I want you guys to see the story, but if I update any more frequently I’ll eat through any buffer I might have and then the whole shebang shuts down while I play catch-up. Drat! Well, like I was telling Jeff up there ^ if this project ever sees print, these chase pages will zip by in an instant!-v

  5. Oh no! Run Scout!
    I like to try doing the dog-to-english translation in my head and imagining what Scout’s saying.

    • Yes, my handy-dandy Dog Translator only kicks on in certain situations. So I’m glad you pick up the slack for yourself. I think most of Scout’s barks and bow-wows have a pretty obvious translation. Like in Panel 6, Scout’s clearly saying, “Okay, take it easy, cat…heh heh…let’s just talk about this….” -v

  6. Aw man! Poor scout just can’t catch a break!

    • I’m tellin’ ya’, Michael! He’s single-handedly epitomizing the old idiom “It’s a dog’s life.” Thanks for taking the time to comment.-v

  7. This is so beautifully drawn. Serious.

    • That’s very nice of you to say. I always feel like I could do better if I gave myself endless hours with no deadline, but that’s not the point of this experiment. Glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks. -v

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